Ten Specifics About the Author:

1. I like living in our bamboo grove with GermanCity and the cat.

2. I like old films, RPGs, spontaneous adventure, and singing loudly.

3. I like witty banter because it is intoxicating and sexy as fuck.

4. I like driving fast… or as fast as I can manage. #leadfoot

5. I like cool music + hot musicians… a LOT.

6. I like a heady brew of #4 and #5 often.

7. I like a great many things and am mercurial in my crushes.

8. I like pens, poetry, and books. I’m an impenitent word nerd.

9. I like hot buttered popcorn and sea salted dark chocolate more than I should.

10.  If you are curious about anything else, ask. I don’t bite… much.

Disclaimer: Finally, the opinions expressed here are mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of GeekGirlCon or any employee thereof. GeekGirlCon is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the author or content that appears.



6 Responses to “About”

  1. I’m a Seattle resident now by way of two other cities. They are no longer important and I struggle to ease them softly from my memory as the days wane on.

    I live here with my brilliant man monkey affectionately known as GermanCity and our illustrious housecat.

  2. anandh Says:

    hi GCG,
    This is anandh from chennai.
    just a few seconds back i got downloaded the SteveMcqueen’s cars in deviantart.. Thanks for uploading the pics!! its great to see the Ford Mustang!!
    Thanks ya!!!

  3. Jamie Davis Says:

    Hello, i hope i’m not being a bother, but , i’m wondering if you’d be interested in colaboration with your character BeBe Adame character. I have an excellent concept.

  4. Zack Says:


    My name is Zack and I am a huge fan of your written work. I am emailing you regarding a particular piece that was commissioned for you on Deviant Art. I was hoping to get your permission to use it as my roleplaying character in a Star Wars role playing game. The beautiful depiction of “Tanake Trang”, done by charlie140588 (Charlie Bowater) is the piece I am referring to. When I wrote the character I planned to play, I really had no particular idea attached to her, but when I saw her digital masterpiece, I knew I had to request permission to use it.

    I have contacted Charlie Bowater, and she said since the piece was for your character, she is ok with me using the image if you are ok with it as well. I would forward her email to you if I had contact information for you.

    The image alone is what I would like to use. Any original work done by yourself regardin the character Tanake Trang would not be used. All credit will go to Charlie Bowater for creating the art piece and I will link the piece to the deviant page of the piece. I will not alter and/or remove her signature from the image.

    I look forward to hearing your response. I left my email in the hopes you will respond.

    Best Regards,
    Zack Reynolds

  5. Zack,

    I appreciate the request and compliments on the Tanake journals. I must decline your sincere request because the commissioned works are of my own character Tanake Trang. They were created specifically with her in mind and

    There are members on dA that love doing commissioned work and if you’d like a list of some credible artists, I can happily provide them.

    I hope you understand my decision. I know I cannot stop you from using any of the images but I’d like to think that since you inquired, you wouldn’t do so after I’ve declined.

  6. What kind of collaboration did you have in mind, Jaime?

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