March 2006

Today was a hugely productive day. GC managed to get everything media-related packed away in nicely labeled and taped boxes. I don’t envy our movers one iota to have to schlep this stuff down our flights of stairs … I can’t bloody WAIT to not have to deal with them at the new place. Boxes, I mean. I don’t have a bias against movers.

I’ve booked nearly everything for the day of travel now, even the cat has his own confirmation number for our one-way flight. You know, it has just dawned on that I don’t think I’ve ever taken a one-way flight anywhere … it’s really hitting home that we’re moving soon! Dare I say whee? It’s slowly sinking in that a new chapter in our lives is about to begin and it’s not a temporary one or one we’ve settled on. We chose the city, chose the house, and have chosen to be where we love. It’s damned exciting, let me tell you.

So after my hours of frazzling telephoning, the monkey made dinner and we feasted on pasta with spicy marinara and a nicely antipasto-esque salad, accompanied by some Boylan’s Ginger Ale because life’s too short for Coke and Pepsi. Blech.

We watched an amazing film called “Everything is Illuminated” directed by Liev Schrieber, starring Elijah Wood and Eugene Hutz (lead singer of a punk fusion Russian gypsy band called Gogol Bordello) – and was touched by its imagery, hilarity and poignancy. The film is about a Jewish-American young man who travels to Odessa to try to find the woman who helped save his grandfather from the Nazi invasion during WWII. He has spent most of his life collecting mementos from his family members and when his grandmother cryptically gives him a photograph of his grandfather and the Ukrainian woman, his journey begins. He meets Alex (Hutz), his translator, Alex’s blind grandfather who is to be their guide and driver and Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. – a joke that I don’t want to ruin if you’ve not seen it. The movie has some genuine laugh aloud moments with Alex’s English translations and is achingly affecting in others. It starts off in with silliness but then manages to end in reflection and beauty … the path taken by three men is well worth the ride along.

Time for sleep, methinks … another day of packing tape and boxes await in about 10 hours. I think I can manage nicely til then …

Be illuminated and I’ll see you on the flip side …
– GermanCityGirl

Currently watching: Everything Is Illuminated.

Meal: Pasta + salad, made with love by one tired monkey.


spot to sit.

When the hell did I amass so many books? I mean, I know that I’ve been an avid reader since the moment my mum taught me to read (thanks for that, by the way) but shit, these damned things are multiplying under tables and behind other books on the shelf! Is this that kind of phenomena that happens with hangers in the bottom of darkened closets or the bloody things are breeding when I go to sleep.

I’m taking a break, to post a rant about packing. GC is sick of the tirade, so my faithful blog gets the brunt of my thoughts on the matter. I’m long overdue to paste some of my ramblings and all things in good time. We found a house. The papers were signed while we were in L.A. and we’ve decided to move in three weeks-ish versus staying through the end of our lease. We don’t want to be here when it gets warmer. The pressure is on to get the packing done sooner rather than later so I’m not crankiER than I already am.

Oh yeah, and I did I mention that I hate dust? My only saving grace is the fact that the weather is nice enough to open all of the windows to get a cross draft, there’s a pint glass of fresh brewed iced tea with a fat slice of piquant lemon to soothe my dust-filled throat, and that Neko Case’s newest CD is fucking amazing. I’ve listened to it twice already and it’s about to be played again … I’m glad we swung by Amoeba before we left L.A. because it was great to listen as we drove through the nighttime desert. I’m too lazy to open the Devics CD but eventually I’ll get around to it.

See you hep cats on the flip side …
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood by Neko Case.

Meal: Hummus + pita bread with iced tea.