June 2006

Bolstered by our good weekend spent at concerts and gaming, we decided to take a mini-road trip to see where the road took us. And it took us to Mukilteo. But I am getting ahead of myself, we awakened and decided to have some Japanese food for lunch. We headed to see our friend Kyung and she happily told me there was inari today. The last time we were there, they had run out of the tofu so she remembered my disappointment and seemed glad to tell me of the tofu goodness.

If you have never had it, it’s a very simple stuffed sushi. It’s a small pouch of thinly sliced fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice. I learned it is named after a Shinto god whose messenger (the fox) loved abura-age. I love tofu in any way, shape, or form. It’s also a good way to start someone out on sushi if they have never had it before – to get used to the sizes of the pieces and the different tastes of the wasabi, the soy, and the pickled ginger. Yum.

GC started on his chicken bento before not before I took a photo of it. I decided to have a dish I have every now and again because you just can’t have it all the time – the pork katsu-kare. It can be sweet at some places but theirs is not and I prefer it not on the sweet side. Their sauce with good consistency, fat onion slices and carrot wedges not overcooked and a heaping amount of rice hiding under the nicely crisp panko-breaded pork that’s not greasy whatsoever. Add some salad with miso dressing and you’ve a nice little meal … and Kyung always brings me a spoon with a smile. Is it wrong to want to adopt an adult? When she brings our bill, she always makes a point to give us random Dum-Dum lollipops because we told her about our favourite colours. She’s too cute! Maybe one day I’ll ask to take her picture …

After our meal, we decided to take a little drive north towards the water. I keep telling GC we should take the passports with us so if the mood hits us, we can just go to B.C. I think when I am feeling better, I’ll sneak them in my bag and just surprise him that we’re going. Noodles at Kintaro and then some shopping at Zara? I doubt he’ll say no.

We ended up in Mukilteo and seriously considered taking the ferry over … til we saw the line. So we parked, hopped out at the lighthouse, and walked off our meal for a while. You can see the ferry that we nearly took in some of the following photos. Everyone was picturesquely walking around with cones of ice cream and if we had not just eaten, we might have gotten a scoop to share … but we were full so it was not to be. We’ve made this decision that we’ll try to get out during the summer as much as we can because during the winter, we’ll want to just hibernate inside with our fire place, Netflix, and lots of hot cocoa. I think that is another reason it’s taking so damn long to unpack … we’re not home long enough! But with days like this … can you blame us? But wait, it rains all the time here … oh yes it does. You don’t want to move here … nope, not in the least bit.

View #1

View #2

View #3

View #4

View #5

After getting chilled at the water’s edge, we hopped in the car and headed farther north. Despite the sun being out in the piercingly blue cloudless sky, the wind was coming across the water something fierce! We followed the railroad tracks as far as we could, leaving Multikeo behind. We came upon a view area on the side of the road and stopped to walk around.

The snow-capped mountain way off in the not-so-far distance is Mt. Baker. I only took one photo because there were some very loud park visitors choosing to have separate cell phone conversations on the same bench pictured on the bottom left of the photo. They were seriously ruining my calm so we chose to hop back in the car, drive more, and have those road-trip conversations which are so much fun.

There are many different ways to test compatibility. If you like the same things or have the same religious beliefs or enjoy collecting thimbles and spoons. Nothing shows the mark of a good relationship than traveling well together … when things go well but especially when they go south. If you get along with your mate and travel well together, it’s always no big deal. GC and I have always travelled well together. And in the nearly seven years, we’ve only had one argument of note. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back sort of thing – me driving in an expensive rental car back from Birmingham to London, in the rain, after paying an arm and a leg for bloody petrol for the Volvo I didn’t want to rent but had no choice because there were no cars left at Hertz during the bank holiday weekend and the rail strike, dodging lorries on the motorways begging to be closer to London than we were … it was how you say, the fucking nightmare? And traffic was so horrid on the way there, that we missed the big-huge car show and the chance to meet the guys from Top Gear and get groovy freebie Mini-Cooper things and … all that that implies. I love that movie. If you have not seen it, buy it now.

Where was I in my babble? Oh yes, thankfully after we dropped the car at Victoria Station, there was a cab that took us back to the hotel at 0400 because I know we’d have killed each other if we waited for alternate form of transport. All that to see Peter Gabriel … was it worth it? For my front row vantage point? Yes, yes it was.

Side rant about delivery drivers: don’t leave boxes on a doorstep and then sneak away like you just tagged the door. If you are leaving a box that looks like this:

you know damn good and well that the inside item is prolly damaged. And you know if the person waiting on this item is home, they will more than likely refuse delivery on the basis that said item is damaged. It’s doubtful the damage was there before it reached your hot little hands. And when I open it:

and see dents all over as if I got it from the dump, don’t you dare say it was fine when you left it on my doorstep. Because I have photos that say otherwise … thankfully the online company said it was too much trouble to send it back and it was not worth the shipping costs for them to have the damaged item returned. They are sending another ash bucket back to me, double boxed with signature required. They were upset at delivery company X because they sent the first item signature required … so I believe that there’s a driver somewhere that will receive a write-up somewhere from my complaint and the customer service department who now has to send me another item on their dime.

Seeya on the flip side with less ranty tales from my hood,
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. And the next blog will contain the photos on our walk and quite possibly the review of the show at the Moore with photos of the female I am now in love with.

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Meal: Grilled chicken + romaine lettuce, ginger soy dressing, with some crunchy noodles.


This is late. And I’ve pre-dated it so all the blogs don’t show up on the same entry. I’ve a freak and oh well, better late than never as the trite-ass saying goes.

On the 24th, we went and saw the Pillows with opening band Stereo Future at the Crocodile Cafe. Our evening kicked off with a quick bus trip downtown because 2 roundtrip bus rides is far cheaper and easier than trying to find a parking spot in Seattle on a Saturday night … and typing that reminds me that we need to grab some monthly cards so I don’t have to worry about carrying change … that shit gets old. When we crossed the bridge, I tried to get a shot of Rainier in the distance …

as you can see, it didn’t take very well but believe me, when it’s out. It’s fantastic. There’s all of a sudden this huge fucking mountain, snow-capped, and actually majestic. It’s awe-inspiring and I wonder if natives view it the same way that we do? With this nifty combination of glee and happy?

Anyway, we met our new friends, hereto referred to as the Prophets to protect their privacy, and decide to grab a meal before the show. We’ve been over to their place once and she cooked this mean chicken curry cashew dish with rice … way droolworthy and it totally went with the green tea tiramisu we brought for dessert. Another note, it must have been good because Andy is not a fan of cashews nor curry. But I’m getting away from my tale!

I researched the area beforehand and found a Mexican place that was highly rated and a noodle Pan-Asian place. After happily learning they also did not particularly care for Mexican food, we decided on a noodle place a few blocks down. I’ve had good Mexican food but most places are so Americanised so I let the crave pass or seek out really good Cuban food instead, which I prefer. Drinks and conversation ensue and after a while, we decide to head back to the Cafe where a 4 block line has formed in the ninety minutes we leisurely chose to eat. As we walked past the line with hipsters, anime geeks, youths in their FLCL tees, and lovers of good music, Mr. Prophet had a quizzical look on his face. He went on to tell us that he did not think all those people could fit inside the venue, which was rather small. The crowd did fit inside the club but shit, that was a lot of folk for a place with no a/c and no ventilation. I actually wrote a letter to the club manager jokingly asking that they couldn’t afford two cheap-ass ceiling fans to rotate that air around? Geez. After the crowd started to groove, the humidity levels started to rise and oh no, it’s doubtful I will want to go back to that venue for a long LONG while.

The show was all ages so we needed to show I.D. to get into the back bar where we sat enjoying drinks, watching Stereo Future on closed circuit television (very cool) and waiting for the Pillows. They had interesting ceiling sheep with neon wings. I wondered if the wool was originally that colour or if that was from years of tobacco smoke filtering upwards. Since there was no way we were fighting to get close, we opted to stand in the back of the venue to get the briefest hint of breeze that filtered in now and again. I took a few photos but I really just wanted to listen to the music … that and it was too much of a pain in the ass to get the camera out when I was fanning frantically with the right hand. That said, here are the few shots that came out … crap lighting and sweaty crowd included. I might have to seriously consider whether or not I want to see a band there again. Sawao Yamanaka (lead singer of the Pillows) commented several times how hot it was in his broken and completely charming English. His story about being loved by mosquitoes in New York made the crowd laugh.

Here are some more photos though they are seriously not very good. I do love Sawao’s expression in that last one as he wonders if we are still with him because of the heat. If you are curious about their music, pick up Please Mr. Lostman or Little Buster – you will not be disappointed. The Prophets were unfamiliar with their stuff and I kept checking at their expressions during the show to see if they were enjoying it and they were! Insert sigh of relief here but I should have known that a band that has been together for so long and produced so much good music would be fantastic live, despite the heat and sweating geek humidity.

We picked up some cool swag at the show. A couple of tees for me and GC plus new charms for my cell!

Buster-kun has already been made into a necklace. He hangs quite nicely on the chain I used though wearing him has raised an eyebrow because he looks like a homicidal Pooh. Kawaii and scary all at once so naturally I love him already. I actually got an extra Buster-kun for free because of a swag table confusion issue, the girl working their table slid me an extra one when I waited patiently for people who had rudely cut in front of me. I won’t kvetch. A spare Buster-kun is always welcome!

and speaking of scary. Well, not really scary but quietly beautiful actually. We were walking to their car and we passed a dead bird that looked like he just laid down and died. I’m such a bleeding heart animal lover that if I can clearly see the form of a dog or a cat on the road, I’ll mist up. Okay, yeah mock me and then bite me. Anyway, he looked so sad and peaceful. It was like some American Beauty moment that I had to capture for posterity. There is no gore, no insects feeding, just peace and for Tisha’s sake, the photos are linked versus embedded.

After my macabre photo shoot, we decided to go for some coffee and dessert at 13 Coins. We chose that because free parking and they had never been. We all opted for a dessert each with sharing privileges understood, they ordered creme brulee and cheesecake while we chose raspberry tiramisu and spumoni. Wow. Way good and way tasty though Mrs. Prophet opted not to finish her dessert. Maybe she did not care for it? Either way, her dh polished it off happily so no custardy goodness went to waste. We decided to walk across the way to the rooftop garage where there’s a great view of the Needle and downtown. Mrs. D enjoyed a cigarette while GC and her husband climbed a steep perch to lord their Docs-clad loftiness over us. Aren’t they cute and full of dessert? I think GC had finished relating some humourous tale, as he’s known to do. He really should get ten minutes together and try some stand-up – he’d be rather good at it.

Some time after, security politely asked us to leave … he looked so put out that he had to leave his comfy environs and tv to get rid of us pesky kids. Since we were far from our memorised bus stop, the kind Prophets offered to drive us home. Our home, which is in a perpetual state of unpacking, was an utter wreck … they did not mind. They stayed and talked for a while until they realised the time, they had to drive back down South to retrieve their wee one from the familial babysitter. Bummer for them really because we were having fun just yakking it up. I hope our budding friendship continues to blossom because the four of us get along nicely. I hate it when 3 out of 4 get along but there’s that 4th person who bogs things down because he/she doesn’t quite fit with the rest … they fit nicely with their partner but in the mix, not so much. We might drive down to Mt. Rainier with them some weekend in the future and we’d love to show them Vancouver, wee one included. She’s a hoot. A certifiably adorable hoot.

And I’m hungry. I have to go grocery shopping before it gets too late and I get weak. We’ve got this open kitchen that begs for me to cook in it all the time but it’s such a hardship to have good restaurants around the corner that deliver. I know what you are asking yourself. How do we live?

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. More blogs to come, I’ve uploaded all the photos and all I have to do is write them!

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Meal: The cupboard is conveniently bare. I wonder if GC knows that I have to go grocery shopping if can be persuaded to go out for supper.

Yeah, like that will be hard.

This is the owed blog from a few days ago, pre-Pillows goodness. And I’m still behind in blogging. Gah! Where does the time go … oh yeah! Having fun!

Yes, I’m a freak. An absolutely adorable and utterly amusing freak.

We know this … okay then! Moving on.

The day (Thursday) was full of sunshine – breezy and inviting. The kind of day that you have such impetus to get out and explore a new city, no matter where you go or what you do, you have to get out there.

We decided to cave in and opt for a lunch out. And you fine readers should know that it does not take much for us to go eat out … it’s not that I’m a poor cook, we both like the ritual of going out for a meal. We picked Ray’s Cafe because we could sit by the water and soak up the rays, pun so not intended.

We started our meal with a pair of drinks. GC chose the Thai Basil Mojito – a pint glass of Cruzan Citrus Rum muddled with lemons and Thai basil, topped off with lemonade and Sprite. I went for the Orange Crush made with muddled oranges, Finlandia Mango, Stoli Vanilla and Sprite. The next time we go, I promise to remember my camera a little earlier rather than at the end of the meal …

and what a meal it was. He got a grilled salmon burger on a toasted wheat bun with fries. My choice was a happy crab cake sandwich with ginger mayo and fries. No dessert because we were quite the full after the sandwichy goodness. We strolled a bit afterwards around the deck and GC had a incident with a rather hungry fish. Good thing the creature was not as imposing as one would think.

After our sun-drenched lunch, we decided to impulse shop over at Archie McPhee’s, a place we had previously driven by. If you live in Seattle and have not gone here, it’s jam packed with stuff you never knew you needed. Wait for the photos in a few …

GC humoured me and posed for purikura stickers with me, I tried to take a photo of them but it didn’t quite work out. So you lucky people who get random cards from me time to time just might see one stuck defiantly on the paper. I had some great ones of me and a former friend with Hello Kitty and Tuxedo Sam framing our faces but I have no idea where they are.

Okay, onto more photographic goodness. In the smaller of the two McPhees (they have two stores separated by their parking lot), they had a life-sized Medieval archer.

The weird thing is after I uploaded the picture, had I not known the size ratio, I would have thought it was a miniature because of the chess piece to the bottom left of the shot. I needed a picture of this guy and then the requisite close-up of the cheeky placard around his neck!

GC took a moment to rest his feet beside one of my favourite characters from a Tim Burton film and he didn’t seem to mind.

If you look over GC’s shoulder at the polka-dotted sofa, it’s a custom upholstery job with kitsch-tastic fabric. I’d never have it in my home but in the right setting, va va va voom baby! There’s also bolts of vinyl fabrics in the background of the picture. We might buy some yards to make additional curtains for the HT room. We have a very subdued Asian white parchment and a dark grey brown tatami mat design for them at present, one in front of the other with metal hems at the top and bottom. Instead of hanging them from the ceiling, we chose to hang them as window treatments … when the room is cleared of boxes, I’ll post photos so you can go ohhhh, that is what she meant!

And because I enjoy taking photos of the whimsical and absurd, if you ever need a replacement for one of these … now you know where to go.

But apparently there’s been a run on the arms. Maybe hipsters wanted to get all Cocteau in their home decor …

After impulse buying many gifts for friends in far away places, we decided to leisurely make our way home. I took a few photos on the way … no really, I did. A pub sign that had me pull over to get a proper one, an amusing sign at a stop sign, and one of the rocket as I drove by. I’ll snap one of Lenin and the troll (separately not together), the next time I am in Fremont.

After we returned home, I unpacked my bags and here are some of the goodies that were fortunate to come home with us. I don’t think descriptions are needed for any of them.

Okay, maybe the Parasite Pals do. They were having a major sale on their items so I picked up some stickers, eraser toppers, a clear vinyl rectangular purse, and pictured is a plastic case with stationery paper. I have a pen pal in Japan who is going to dig this gift muchly. I should have picked up more of the ginger candy. It’s all gone because I had not had it in ages and GC devoured it the moment it was unwrapped. If you have never had it and enjoy ginger, I highly recommend it! But like any candy from Asia, it’s best when it’s fresh so check your local Asian markets to see if they have it … you won’t be sorry. It’s a lot like Botan Rice Candy but gingery instead of lychee.

This transmission has come to an end. I need to make some dinner and I’m at a loss for what to make because it’s getting about that time. There will be another blog soon but enough linking for now. I’m tired of looking at the screen.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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Meal: Your guess is as good as mine. I am drawing a blank on what our cupboards hold.

I’m still enjoying that high you get when you have a good evening out with friends. Good food, good music, good dessert, good everything. You know the times where it feels just good to be out and social in a city that you love? We saw the Pillows tonight at a Seattle institution, the Crocodile Cafe.

They totally rocked sauna-style. Wow.

I thought I could finish the one blog I have been working on and then write this one but my adrenaline from a good night out has seemingly drained away and now all I want to do is scrub my mascara off and then crawl under covers with sore calf muscles from standing for most of the night, dancing in place, and walking around downtown a bit.

There will be a good and proper blog, two actually but not tonight. Tonight is for the sweet sleep where you drift off remembering the humour and music and instances that make life worth living.

It feels good to be alive. Oh hell yes, it does.

Seeya later on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityPillowsAddictGirl

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Meal: Earlier it was a baby green salads + grilled peppered steak, tossed with Bernstein’s + fresh croutons for a lovely meal.

I was about to go to sleep before the OCD kicked in of not checking e-mails for several hours.

Ta-da! Here I am, after reading a few blog entries of friends and posting what would have been a long-ass comment over here in lieu of a blog.

“I feel your parking woes. We have a neighbour who lives two doors down who is a general contractor with several work trucks. His own driveway is brand new and paved, entering into a gorgeous wooden gate … yet he chooses to park his trucks everywhere else.

So GC mentions to me that there’s been a truck parked partially on our gravel, on the side of the house that would best be termed as the back. I peek out and sure enough, it’s on the gravel and on the top of our small concrete steps.

I call the number on the side of the truck, expecting voice mail since it is the weekend. I get a guy who tells me that it’s Mike’s truck and don’t I know Mike? I politely tell him we’ve just moved in and can he please move the truck? The guy continues to yes, laugh at me saying I can’t believe you don’t know him and blah blah blah. I get cranky and tell him that whether I know him or not, the truck is parked on my steps and if it’s still there when we get back from dinner, I’ll have it towed.

We return from dinner – truck gone.

A few days later, it’s back. So I let it slide … until last weekend when it sat from Friday til Sunday. I call the second number listed on the truck, which happens to be Mike’s mobile. I leave a very pleasant message about new neighbours and trucks, etc … all the while thinking that I have the city’s anonymous tip line number handy if he pisses me off. I get no reply but the truck has not been parked there.

Sometimes I think people don’t think. They have to be gently reminded. On the flip side, I wanna share a quickie story of parking triumph.

I run over to the groovy Target with the escalator for shopping carts and find a parking spot right near the entrance/elevators, beside a large column. There is just one thing wrong! The SUV parked to the right of the spot can’t seem to colour in its own lines, spilling over into the prime parking spot. Now my car is not massively wide, so I park spilling over the lines to the left but within the lines on the right. No harm, no foul because I’m not blocking anyone’s ability to park to my left since there is no parking there.

I leave the store after 25 minutes or so and walking back to my car with my purchases, I see a small blue Post-It stuck to my car. I scrunch up my face as I approach it to see this spidery-ass writing telling me …

wait, must retrieve it from the garbage to take picture … stand by.

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Meal: A ham + swiss sandwich with toasted flax grain bread, nearly made soup but couldn’t decide on one to open.

Okay. Apologies. I took longer than I needed, having to find the camera, take the photos, download then upload them, and yes, make a mug of hot cocoa. Mmmm, with little marshmallows! I lied, they are the jumbo ones and they are taking forever to melt – they go better with s’mores. But fuck if I’m going to make a fire just to sate my need for melty marshmallowy goodness! I’ll let them melt in a mug o’cocoa.

Anyway, here’s the note I found purposefully stuck to my driver’s side window. Apologies about the crumpling, it was tossed into the floorboard.

I arched my eyebrow at it, naturally thinking to myself that this person’s handwriting was far worse than my parking. What can I say? I’ve been complimented for years on my own printing abilities. I’d never leave such a crappily written note. That said, after self-congratulating myself on being able to write a better note, I then wondered who might have left this? I unloaded my shopping cart and entered my vehicle, looking again at this handwritten postie of blue crankiness. I walk around my car and wonder why this note was written? I did not infringe on anyone’s parking spot? I merely parked a foot or so to the left nearer to a column … as I walk to the passenger side of the car, I look over at the different big-ass SUV there and lo and behold, in the center armrest with all manner of crap, there it was … an opened stack of coloured post-it notes, blue resting right on top. Now maybe it’s my criminal mind over-thinking the sitch but if I leave someone a coy note, I’m not going to:

a) Park directly beside them with

b) the evidence in the front seat and

c) think they might not retaliate?

I mill around the floor of the parking garage, near the elevators. Unless the person saw me physically park my car, the chances that they’d know it was me driving that specific car were a thousand to one. I wait more out of curiosity’s sake than a confrontational one. Walking around the area where the escalators land, I see someone walking towards the car parked beside mine. I casually make my way over to the woman, so as not to frighten her or seem like I’m going to cause a scene. As I walk towards her, past my car and hers, I stop for a moment with my mobile phone out and ask her if she has any paper. She smiles at me and reaches in to hand me, oh yes, the stack of post-it notes.

I thank her for her paper, close my cell phone and then take a breath at what I am about to do. I grin and reach into my courier bag and ask her if she wrote this? I hold it up and she immediately reddens. She replies that she did not while shaking her head no. Now c’mon. If you are all ballsy and want to leave a note on someone’s car, at least cop to it if you are called on it! I hand her back her stack of post-its. I put my note back in my bag. I state, “Wow. Because the circumstantial evidence of a blue note on my car, you parking beside me with blue note paper in your car, and the fact you are all kinds of red seems to point otherwise.” She opened her mouth like she was going to retort but I cut her off … “Now, I want to tell you something that you might not have known. Before you pulled your energy-inefficient boat into that lane, there was a SUV before you and they did not know how to park. So this note (I pull it out) should have been meant for them (I wave it around for emphasis). I, however, chose to park slightly towards the left so I would not take up more than a parking space, something that I rarely see SUVs of your size do … so before you try to apologise to me, we’ll just leave it alone and you should really rethink leaving cute little notes on people’s cars who just might get really pissed off.”

She wore an expression of being completely dumbstruck as if this nuclear-red dyed hair freak in combat boots is going to do something drastic. I grin from ear to ear and turn around saying brightly, “Now have a nice day!”

I’m a magnet for shit like this, I swear to you. But hey, it gives me a chance to go all Julia Sugarbaker on them … like I’ve been known to do.

And to illustrate why the CD transfer has taken so long? Look at what my distraction is? You can see the makeshift table I’m using and the box of discarded jewel cases if you look real close. I’m on the T’s finally. Thank fuck.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Still listening to (The) Head on the Door by the Cure.

Meal: Read the entry preceding this one for the food part 🙂

I awakened this morning or rather was roused from bed by GC, who had been awake for a while waiting for me to wake up. And much like a bear roused from hibernating sleep, I’m not how you say, the pleasant when I’m awakened? We had a few words, albeit some louder than others, and the end result was leaving the house together to explore this wonderful city …

Anything to get out of the house and out from under boxes!

We drove around for a little bit, deciding to get out at Magnuson Park, near the water’s edge to ambulate around and stretch our legs. I learned after I returned home that this park is the second largest … I’m curious as to what is the largest one. I know that Denny Park is the oldest though, from the late 1800s, I believe?

Anyway, the view was spectacular and even though the air in some places was thick with gnats, we enjoyed surveying the sky and shore from the water’s edge …

We continued on, farther South on the shore, heading towards the 520 Bridge.

After eschewing the concrete path for a much greener one, we came upon a park bench. We sat. The sun shined down, the breeze tickled our faces, and again we did the song and dance about living here. Okay, to be fair, it was a seated song and dance but there was one just the same. I think you might offer a small dance as well with views like these!

After our mid-morning constitutional, we opted to run over to the U-District and get some pizza at Zeek’s. As we drove there, we passed an Italian cafe with two happy fat olives on their sign. Passing the cafe, the smells of good food wafted into the car cabin like in those old Woody Woodpecker cartoons when the aromas turn into spectral fingers hooking you in and dragging you closer … so being the adventurous sort that we are, we chose to go in.

We were greeted with a hearty “Ciao!” upon entering and the smells of the kitchen made both of our tummies grumble happily in great expectation of good food. We opted to sit outside in the patio where two other tables huddled around a small television watching the end of World Cup game. I took that photo after the game ended and the soccer fans left … and this one because I liked the small outdoors bar.

The menu was simple and our waiter explained each special listed on their board. GC and I both ended up choosing items from the board – he chose a dish with shaved pork loin, tri-coloured peppers, fresh basil and tomato sauce with fresh cut ziti. I settled on the alderwood smoked salmon with fresh cut ziti, served with a red cream sauce with sweet peas. But to start, I had to check out their caprese – my weakness at any good Italian restaurant. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, soft and milky under a generous portion of fresh cut basil, sliced Roma tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. A pinch of sea salt with a nicely ground pepper, finished off with olive oil makes for one fantastic salad! I chose a nice pear nectar to go with the salad – good choice, if I must say so myself. I savoured each bite slowly, making sure each forkful had cheese, both kinds of tomatoes, and basil … sheer bliss.

Until the entrees came, that is. I wished I took a photo of our meal (I usually do) but the moment it was placed in front of us, GC tucked into his pasta and did not put the fork down once. He doesn’t scarf food to miss the flavours, it was just that good that he steadily ate. My creation was served on a large black fish-shaped plate and kicked much ass. While I did not eat as fast as GC, I did leave no pasta, peas, or salmon morsel when I was finally finished.

As we ate, we enjoyed our sinfully delicious meal with several bottles of chilled Limonata.

See how it maketh GC smile thusly? Maybe I’m biased, but I think he has a nice smile …

We ate. We talked. We enjoyed eating al fresco. And after we consumed much good food, we did what any good foodies would do. We pondered on it for about a minute then inquired about dessert! We decided to go simple and split a dish of spumoni. Next time I want to try their vanilla bean ice cream served with candied cherries, drool-worthy, to be sure! We suffered through our dessert, not wanting to offend anyone by its presence. This place is definitely on the itinerary when some good friends of mine come up to visit later this summer, I think they’ll both dig on the ambience and the food.

We needed to walk more after our nearly two hour meal so we motored over to Golden Gardens, which was chock full of outdoors-worshipping Seattleites. We decided instead to head over to the dog park, not far from the Gardens.





We walked around before sitting on a bench to watch the show of new dogs entering the arena to play with others. A pair of Corgis wrestled with a docile pit bull for a fat pink ball while a huge white German Shepherd caught frisbee after frisbee hurled by his owner. When I was a kid, my father gave me a huge dictionary of dog breeds and being the memorisation geek I am, I pretty much memorised most of it. GC was treated to colour commentary as various breeds ran by us and I had fun guessing some of the lineage of the mixed breeds. It was such a good day – nature, food, puppies.

It’s time for sleep now. The last of these photos have finally uploaded to the blog and I can fall asleep, still sated from earlier.

Tomorrow’s Fathers Day. It’s weird to think it’s been three years, you know? Meh. It doesn’t hold a lot of meaning for me anymore …

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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Meal: Still digesting Italian goodness.

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