September 2005

It’s been a blast so far in L.A. even with the fact that we had to trade in the pretty red two-seater for another convertible … poor, poor us, eh? The a/c up and died on the Thunderbird and it was shifting awkwardly so off we went to the massively large Burbank airport to swap. We probably could have made do but the last thing I wanted was that car to die somewhere in the vasty deserty nothing between L.A. and PHX – that would not be good.

After some amusing events (like I could have kept the Thunderbird for good and there was no way they could have proved I ever rented it), we ended up with a steel grey 2005 Mustang that was more fun to drive than the other car. I am not going to discriminate against the two-seater though, it was fun driving it down and around L.A. but it was due for some tune-ups from previous renters.

What have we been up to? Let’s see, the morning after the BDMP, we got together with some of the Browncoats to have some brunch at a place in Los Feliz called Fred 62. Side note thanking Clay for that suggestion, that place was incredibly cool. It was GermanCity and myself, Clay and his friend, Angie, I think? Lumie, JenMuse and Jen’s sis Heather who was fortunate enough to have fled Houston’s imminent deluge from the floods. But there’s no global warming, right? Yeah, right.

Anyway, check us out and don’t we look stuffed and happy? We’re like cats wanting to sun their full bellies in the afternoon sun. After having a glorious meal al fresco, we all parted ways … Clay back to San Diego, Lumie to take Jen and her sister to the train station so they could make their way back Northward, and us to do what we do best on holiday … SHOP! We found a great little place around the corner called Fortune Tees, and picked up some tees for the little ones in our lives. Carla who runs the place was absolutely darling and sent our tees packaged in their very own takeaway cartons to their respective new owners.

After traffic died down (does it ever really do that in L.A.?), we drove over to see our dear friend Tony and finally meet his son! By the time we arrived, there was some miscommunication with the ex and such so we were not able to meet the Wicker Boy but did get to finally meet his friend staying with him from China, Darren. T gave us a tour of his home up the Hills … wow does he have some beautiful property! After much rooftop conversation, all of us dined and drank at the White Harte in Woodland Hills and all in all, it was a most pleasant evening spent in the company of friends … even if you count me falling ass over head in the hammock. Oh yes. Ass over teakettle. It was embarrassing even though Tony said he has done that a few times himself. It soothed my pride but not my bum.

Tomorrow night is Dead Can Dance at the Bowl and I am literally gleeful to be able to be there while she and Brendan perform live. I read on a site where they will be selling mastered copies of the shows recorded from the sound board … mental note to take advantage of that offer. Peter Gabriel has done the same thing and we have copies of the Houston and Birmingham shows. It’s a neat way to remember the night’s music.

Sleep might be a good idea now. It’s getting late and I don’t want to be falling asleep when the sun is rising. I can deal with noise but that harshly bright stuff, oh no!

See you on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl


We’re back.

I could sit here and enumerate all of the shiny and dull things that happened tonight at the premiere of “Serenity” …

instead as I sit here resting my tired yet smartly elevated feet, I will list random things that I come into focus as I slowly come down from my natural high of being invited to the ball at all … and iffin they are run-on sentences, shoot me later – I’m tired.

– GC thanking Jane Espenson for hours of good telly.

– Getting to hug Ron Glass and thanking him for his work on “Firefly” and “Barney Miller” … hopefully not making as big of a goof as I thought I did ;).

– Seeing how flawlessly pretty Morena Baccarin is in person and hats off to her for walking on those killer stilettos!

– Marveling at Christina Hendrick’s assets, and yes I am secure enough in my sexuality to give her a round of applause for representing for the naturally ample-bosomed women!

– Wishing the autograph hounding Browncoats would just really freaking stop and let the BDHs have their night – side note that I did try to get Adam Baldwin’s autograph in the heat (and I do mean heat) of the moment but he was excusing himself so I never got a chance to ask him for one and had to give Jackie back her Sharpie. In hindsight, I was glad that I did NOT get the chance to ask him because every single BDH was being besieged by people holding DVDs to sign, the companion book, and whatnot … what else?

– Oh yeah! Hanging out with fellow Browncoats and questioning a chocolate fountain with Clay.

– Bending the Whedon’s ear for a few appropriate moments to congratulate him on the film and confessing how many times I had seen the film, prompting Joss to say that he did not even think he had seen it THAT many times and being thanked BY him for Browncoat support.

– The glee on Jen’s face after she had a lengthy talk over ice cream with Jane Espenson about Jane Austen.

– My dear sweet GermanCity pausing on the red carpet to offer his arm to me and walking the red carpet together. And for the record, just how gorram good we both looked – him in his mossy green mod suit and me in my red silk jacket, black satin blouse and palazzo pants … not to mention my matching red and black Chinese take-away carton evening bag that was too kawaii for words.

– Hats off to Jackie, Clay, Stephanie, Jen, Lynn, and Kit for how good they looked – very stylie and proved that Browncoats DO have the wherewithal to dress up for something groovy!

– Kit making it to the BDMP at ALL in L.A. rush hour traffic, props to Ian for maneuvering through it and for wearing a truly stylie jacket to the premiere.

– Seeing Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Acker with their respective partners talking outside and nonchalantly dancing to the DJ’s spun tunes.

– Hard work of Denise, Lynn, Tamara and James to get us into the party at all … thanks guys, you are both in my pantheon of BDHs as well!

– Recognising Badger before the movie started and seeing Liam geek out when meeting him – too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

– Having security politely usher us partygoers outside because it was getting late and the party was regrettably over ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but then cruising around with GC in the Thunderbird with the top down enjoying the revelry of the night!

– I am going to stop now because it’s nearly 04:00 and well, bed is beckoning me to get all supine and comfy. I will prolly muse more tomorrow, er later today and add anything that comes to me over brunch.

See you on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Antics in the Forbidden Zone by Adam & The Ants.

Meal: Random foods at the premiere’s after party, I swiped a menu for a keepsake but I can’t be arsed to get up and transcribe what it listed.

and we did.

We’re in Hollywood after a long drive westward. We made that drive in a rather shiny red Thunderbird convertible which absolutely hated the traffic snag we hit about 40 miles before L.A. The BDMP is tomorrow evening and our clothes are nicely hung in the closet for our walk down that red carpet. I am excited and nervous but not so much that I will get all freaky tomorrow and forget to have the fun.

The weather is perfect here right now. I am glad that we went ahead and splurged on the two-seater even with the trunk space comedy of having to unpack and repack into smaller cases before we even left. I don’t know where we are going to put Tony if we meet him for drinks and dinner. We may have to meet him at a restaurant which will end our streak of post-meal cruising in whatever car we’ve decided to bring to CA.

GC is clamouring for food, albeit a late night one. I think Canter’s and a big bowl of their restorative matzoh ball soup is in order. Or maybe some french toast and fruit? Either way, we’re heading over to Fairfax and then passing the hell out. Sweet cheeses, I am beat.

See you on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: The Mirror Pool by Lisa Gerrard.

Meal: to be decided after perusing the Canter’s menu.

We went downtown and saw NIN tonight. The opening band was Queens of the Stone Age and Autolux … and wow, each band was progressively louder than the preceding one. We were glad to have our ear plugs with us because without them, we would have had the ear ringing for a while afterwards …

I just flashed on being at the after party for “Serenity”, talking to people in an abnormally loud voice because I had ringing or worse, just sitting in a corner because my head was all kerflooey.

It was a good show, my favourite song of the night being the NIN classic “Hurt”. I remember seeing them many years ago, opening for Peter Murphy. It was a very small college venue and I had nice front row seats, back when you could just wait in line for them. Anyway, I was glad that GC liked the show more than he thought he would so yay me! Score, they can be played in the house now with less grumbling. You see, the ex-harpie loved NIN and always tried to tell GC he should dress like/be like/emulate Trent. I can see how that would have put me off the band …

We leave in a few days to go to L.A. for the BDMP, translated as Big Damn Movie Premiere! GC had a clothing crisis when the gorgeous suits we picked up in London were all too LONG. We had totally forgotten that they needed to be hemmed before he wore them. The other one that he had was a bit too Simon-esque and since he did not want to be that guy, he’s opting for a really stylish green number that we found in Denver. Tomorrow, I am waking early to go shopping for something to WEAR! It’s not a case of nothing in the closet will work but I want some new togs because I doubt I’ll be invited to any screen premieres any time soon …

that said, it means sleep for me NOW!

I just looked at the clock, it’s just barely midnight. I’m going to really have to make myself go to bed.

See you on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails.

Dinner: a before show meal of Boca burgers with cheese on honey wheat buns + baked homemade fries with sea salt.

Our groceries were delivered today. First off, how fortunate are we to be able to have groceries delivered to our kitchen and secondly that the thing that I want to bitch about is so very trivial in the grand scheme of things …

Microwave pizza. I bought two to test out. GC had one earlier and I made one in a fit of hunger a few minutes ago. It smelled nice and after a dusting of red pepper/parmesan, I sat down to have some. After a few bites, I stood right the hell back up and marched it over to the troll that lives down our sink … he’ll eat anything as long as it’s chased with some water. I just hope he doesn’t belch it back up because it was foul going down, I sure the heck don’t want to see it in reverse. I’ve postponed making anything now because you know when you want something, taste it, and it completely puts you off eating anything til the taste/smell is gone from your system? I’m just trying to figure out how GC ate it, unless he was that hungry that it was simply fuel.

I am trying to decide whether we fly or drive to L.A. on Wednesday. It’s a whole convenience thing if we fly because it would take far less time to climb a plane and *poof* arrive in L.A. versus hassling with driving. I have the airline’s website up and am weighing the options as I babble. What I DO know, is that I love the moon cakes that my roomie shared with me. They are the Chinese version of hopia and they make me think of my grandparents. My grandfather loves these and any time I took my grandmother to the Chinese market, he’d always hint in Tagalog that he wanted some which we always got him. I just had the last one from that package and I think it has made me sleepy.

You can’t really eat a lot of them because they are very rich but whoo! Oh so good! If you do wish to indulge in an entire package, then you might resemble the following:

Hee hee hee. Time for the wind-down before sleep, good moon cakey goodness in happy tummy.

See you on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCitySquirrel

Currently listening: Oh No by OK Go

note about the CD, if you have not seen the video for “A Million Ways” … get to their video page and watch it. I want to learn all their moves …

Meal: botched pizza attempt saved by a single sweet sweet Moon cake.

Two pots of tea and many dumplings later finds me here at home, letting dinner digest nicely while a cat meows for attention at the guys upstairs. We went to Wong’s Place, our weekly haunt when back home in the desert. If you ever make it to Phoenix, in my humblest of opinions, they have the best Chinese food in town. And be sure to ask for both menus, not just the Americanised favourites one.

We ordered a small feast for the three of us.

Starter: Empress Ribs, slightly fried pork ribs and drizzled with a spicy honeyed garlic sauce.

Entrees: Mongolian Beef with its crispy rice noodle and tender meat. Stir-fry chicken + garlic with sauteed fresh tumu. And to round out the selections, a mixed order of steamed veggie and pan-fried pork dumplings.

Side: Nicely sticky white rice – the key ingredient for a good Chinese meal. If the rice is bad, I have a hard time enjoying the rest of it … unless I’m going the noodley route.

I’m mostly just killing time til GC comes downstairs. I think we are going to watch a movie, provided we all don’t slip into our own little food comas. The roomie has made his way down and is placating the cat with a game of peek-a-boo. I don’t know who’s more amused – the roomie or the cat? I have that sluggish feeling because it’s too warm outside. It needs to be cooler and I wish the cat + roomie would be a bit quieter.

Nothing earth-shattering to report other than the waiting for the absolute final news about the whole BMDP is making me nuts. I got an unofficial thumbs up which means there might be premierey goodness for us but still waiting to exhale til I see that official ‘Versal invite in my inbox.

Tick tock. Tick tock. GC is downstairs now – gotta jet!

See you on the flip side,
– GermanCityGirl ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently listening: Y4K by Hybrid.

Dinner: Lavishly described above.

Second row.

Tucked in my leathered aisle seat.

GC to my left, flipping aimlessly through the new SkyMall when it hits me.

Today was two years since his death.

The plane had leveled out and we were flying over darkness, that familiar incline gradually creeping higher and higher into the firmament. Pinpricks of light growing smaller, glittering far below like diamonds on velvet and I started crying.

I was thankful everyone was in their seats and that the cabin lights had been dimmed for take-off.

I could cry in the duskiness and not feel self-conscious with each passing person.

I don’t think about it as much anymore but there are times when the void is so great that it’s overwhelming.

I always think about it, sometimes longer than others but a lot when we travel. I grew up flying with my parents – perks of an airline-employeed mum. There were times when we’d sit two and one or all separately or there were times when we lucked out and got seats together. My mum was the champion of schmoozing the flight crew into bumping us into first class if it was empty – she had, how you say, the mad skills?

To anyone who loves their father as much as I did, it is hard to imagine that it has been two years since I heard his voice – or hugged him. It strikes me when we are in some random city and I am doing postcards for friends and family. I get in the groove of writing them and I catch myself nearly writing his name down on a card that I know he’d like and it hits me all over again.

He was and is my hero. I am so thankful for what he did for me and what he continues to do for me. If these words can transcend the frivolity and fun that fills my day-to-day life …

I miss him and just wanted to let someone know.

See you on the flip side (with a decidedly cheerier posting),
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: ( ) by Sigur Rรณs.

In-flight nosh: Dried apricots, snack mix with sesame sticks, and ginger ale + cranberry over ice.

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