May 2006

Costco has the best return policy ever. If you don’t have a membership there, go now and get one. You can always cancel it for a full refund. Get rid of that other discount club card and go with this place … 🙂

Anyway, we bought a nifty Magellan GPS system before we visited Seattle in February for our house-hunting expedition. It served us well but when we last were at Costco, we saw a much shinier version with more bells and whistles than the one we bought a few months back. Naturally we could not find our receipt from January but the friendly folks at Costco took our very gently used GPS so we could upgrade to the new one. No questions asked and no arguments and NO restocking fees or grief!

And while we were there, GC impulse bought something that was priced too good to be true. Bundled with the console itself, they included a hard drive, two of the wireless controllers, the play & charge kit, and a game whose name escapes me.

While he meandered through electronics, I grabbed a huge box of grapes to go with the rather large wheel of brie that we like to keep on hand for those cheese emergencies. Walking back through the store with my foody choices, I walked over to the area where the sabers were last seen … they had been pawed over far worse then when we saw them.

But in the back, opened but not all the way … was the blade I said I might pick up if I found it. Not the purple Windu but the cool blue blade that whispered seductively, “buy meee”. Retail therapy does work! It’s good for what ails you!

The picture is blurry because the cat nudged the camera right as I was taking it … I might take some better ones later but there was too much effort involved in shifting batteries around. Our rechargeables need to finish their cycle and I dislike using the disposable ones unless it is an absolute emergency …

Anyway, time for some more naked Ewan McGregor before bed. Now doesn’t that sound just naughty. Oh well, a film with this much eye candy, I’m entitled. And I’ve written a mental note to myself to get this film’s soundtrack. I had forgotten how damn good it was.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityJediGirl

Mmm mmm good.

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Meal: Ate some minestrone and a grilled swiss sandwich on rye, nothing gastronomically special but it was tasty.


Another pictorial from the Emerald City including the (hopefully) somewhat amusing tale of Jedis at Costco …

our day began with hot showers and breakfast. I am beginning to appreciate the joy of fresh socks and hot morning showers and layering clothing. Down comforters take on a whole new dimension of cuddle factor when it’s chilly in the mornings. The enrobing of warm weighty blankets interspersed with cool air above the blankets is prolly once of the nicest feelings in the world … that balance of cool and warm. It rocks. Oh yeah, and I also keep telling myself that I will eventually get used to cold toilet seats when I am half-asleep. Can you tell I am still enraptured with this place!?

Our day began driving through Ballard when we came across this sign:

which made me think of boatierra’s backyard puppy bon mot at our farewell dinner. I’m hoping I quote properly when I say, “It was like my backyard had given birth to puppies!” Emphasis on the puppies – for true comedic effect that had me howling at the table. So naturally hearing that in my head, I had to pull over to snap the photo. I don’t know what made me smile so … the airborne cartoon dachshund or the gleeful message proclaiming the arrival of fat, wriggling weiner-dogs just begging to be taken home and squeezed appropriately.

Our next drive-by occurred when GC requested that I turn around so we could figure out what a particular store sold (see link supplied for more info!) …

an alternate view of the wicked waterfowl …

Archie McPhee’s eye-catching sidewalk sign, pun fully intended …

and lastly, the lizard beckoning you to come in and see the wares within!

We did some more meandering and soaking up of the neighbourhood vibe before heading back home to get some stuff done. Our treat was some of my favourite fair trade chocolate I picked up over the weekend during a market run …

Tasty stuff (key lime chocolate … mmmm) and sadly educational to boot. I suggest picking some up if you haven’t already and don’t forget to read the inside wrapper. GC’s favourite is the milk chocolate with rice crisp “Manatee Bar” … “Yeah right, sea cow.” Pat yourself on the back, if you get that joke.

We decided that we needed to make the weekly pilgrimage to our local Costco, but before we left … I had to get my mobile phone from Nubbin. He’d fallen asleep on hold while waiting for customer service to answer the phone. If you look carefully, you can see his extra toes. I’ll wager they fell asleep trying to hold the phone which is why he borrowed my Bluetooth.

So off we went to the store. We usually go our separate ways to maximise the shopping and so we don’t spend longer than we have to at places with that much stuff to buy. After about a half hour or so, I get a phone call from GC asking me where I am. I give him my coordinates and he appears in the frozen food aisle with a goofy look on his face. He asked me if I was done and I nodded asking him why? He said that I had to, emphasis on the HAD to come with him. He leads me over to the middle of the store to the area where they have paddleboats and lawn furniture and other summery things for sale. He reaches behind a display of oars to extract two long black boxes depicting a Darth Vader light saber and a Luke Skywalker one. Red for me, because hello? Sith rule! And green for GC, no explanation needed I think? I give him a look and he relates his amusing instance of the day to me.

He’s walking through the appliances aisle when out of the corner of his eye, he sees something blue flash by. He hustles around the end cap to see a casually dressed thirty-something drinking one of those berry smoothies from the front of the store with a lit saber hoisted on his shoulder. He approaches this Eddie Bauer Jedi to ask him half-jokingly, “Do they sell those here now.” Our EBJ shrugs and replied that he did not know, he just found it. Curiosity piqued, GC embarked on a search through the whole of Costco to see if they were indeed selling light sabers. He was successful in finding the ragtag display that had been squished behind other more summery goods. Between the oars and tiki torches, there they were … a box of light sabers.

Since Costco has such a lenient return policy and I’m a firm believer in my father’s credo of “if-you-see-something-you-like-buy-it-now-because-it-might-not-be-here-when-you-get-back”, we loaded two of the most pristine boxes into our mostly impulse-buy laden trolley and headed for the check-out lanes.

Later than night, when GC finally excavated the box that contained the batteries, we loaded up the sabers and turned them on.

Holy fucking laser sword *eye roll at that term* … they were so cool.

When switched on, the sound effect is pitch perfect and the blade ignites from hilt to tip as if it were real. For the record, we switched them on in the dark to see what it would look like …

completely and utterly sweet.

When you move the blade around, you hear swooshes of electrical energy humming and if you slice it through the air, the sound corresponds with your movements of the blade. These were constructed to be collector’s items, not for children so the possibility of a full-on smack down duel might be better left for a wholly plastic version not as costly. That said, when you (gently) strike an item or another blade (like we had to do … c’mon, you’d have done it too!) – you get that satisfactory auditory jolt. And when you have had your fun, and have decided to place it in its prop holder, extinguishing the blade is as equally satisfying as the ignition … the blade’s light slowly fades out and the sound diminishes accordingly.

You remember the films from the 70s, the first foray into sci-fi for some us, the first film that you may have watched again and again and again and again. I had a Star Wars metal lunch box that I took faithfully to school and I’d delight when my father would give me those wax packs trading cards with the facsimile of pink stick bubble gum stuck to one of the cards. Now I’m not going to go down the road of bashing of the last 3 films because it’s been done to death … I have my hard-won laserdiscs of the original ones where there was no question as to who shot first and I’ll pick and choose what memorabilia I might buy, I’m not that bad of a fangirl to buy it all because I love it all. I’m not that stupid or easily manipulated.

But these, dear readers … these I had to have.

After toying with them and the video option on the camera (cool, cool, COOL but never for public consumption), I looked to see online and found they made a Darth Maul double bladed one. My face lit up until I realised how much it was. I settled back in near our roaring fire and mulled over the splurge of the Maul sabers. The perk of these being at Costco was they were about $40 cheaper than they’d be online …

either way, I’m glad we bought them even if I don’t get Maul’s. I might even pick up Mace Windu’s pimped out purple gold package on his saber …

but if I get Windu’s then I’ll have to get Maul’s! See how easily it is to justify 🙂

Seeya on the flip side 😉

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Meal: Annie’s Bunny Pasta + peas. I yearned to see bunny behinds in my bowl … 😉

Now I have Edge’s guitar riff playing through my head with that drum line … classic, classic stuff.

Heh. Sorry for the segue, back to the matter at hand. Today’s pictorial on the life of us. I shall begin with the most complete portion of our home, the closets engineered so wonderfully by IKEA and put together by GC (you guys by now should know what he looks like, so no linkage provided.)

I shall begin with my side, as all things begin with me. As I may have mentioned before, we decided to remove the white clothing rack in place in favour of STOLMEN, though in the black-brown combination versus the white.

At the very top of the system, you might be able to see the two silver shoe racks that run the entire length of the closet. There is also one on the bottom left side. The entire contents of the closet is indeed the red and black that I claim it to be, and I have posed my crazy and furry red boots that I picked up in Chicago at ALDO to depict my whimsy or something silly like that. They were one of those purchases that you can’t quantify but you just have to have it kind of thing. I was so tickled when they had the red ones in my size, I just handed the salesgirl my credit card as GC grinned at the sight of me hopping around the store in furry red boots. I’m thrilled that I now live in a climate where if I choose to wear these, I won’t have to wait until I travel … though I doubt I’d be wearing them while making a bread run at the market.

Or wait.

I might … 😉

Here is a close-up of the drawers that we built and the cool thing is that they rest on lockable casters:

And here is GC’s closets. His is simply the mirror of mine, except his colours are green, grey, and black – concert and anime t-shirts notwithstanding (that goes for both of us, actually). But it’s nicely ordered this way, I think. He opted to do the trouser rack instead of the clothing pole that I chose, he has way more trousers than I do. And before a sharp-eyed reader points it out, he does own one red bowling shirt that I bought him that survived the great colour purge. His shirts also are on these cool hangers that hold six items per single hanger, I highly recommend them as space-savers. I only have a couple in mine but I think he has something like eight or nine.

Our lazy day found us in another park not far from the house. We took a drive and stumbled upon it – how cool is that? Golden Gardens Park rests right on Puget Sound with paths and grassy sandy dunes and bridges with a few of the locals congregating to swap gossip at their regularly scheduled meeting. In the distance, by where boats bobbed in their moorings, we heard either seals or sea lions (could not see them) barking in the distance. GC scurried along the water’s edge, hopping from rock to rock like a nimble goat. I however chose to sit on a felled tree trunk, inhaling the morning air to watch the waves lap softly at the rocks. I could hear the quacking behind me and the muffled barking from sea mammals blending together the way that the cacophony of nature does. It was peaceful as a few droplets of rain sprinkled down – downright poetic as I took it all in.

A little insouciant bird kept following me around, I paused to get a good look at him. He was this black bird with brilliant red plumage on his wings. A couple stopped to read the plaque and note this perky wee avian in his boldness. Since the gentleman had a set of binoculars around his neck, I asked him if he knew what kind of bird it was. He said it was a male Red-winged blackbird. He was eating peanuts in the shells and offered one out to this brazen fellow who fluttered close enough to snatch it before bolting with his treat. Here’s a picture of the guy before he won a peanut for his perseverance.

Leaving the park, I paused at a pedestrian crossing and saw a beautiful mosaic entrance to a bridge that I photographed here and here.

I know I promised a blog with wholesale light sabers and signage but I am being summoned for an early supper … besides, who wants to cook all the time!

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. the aforementioned and albeit tardy blog will be done tomorrow whilst I have breakfast, I promise!

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Meal: Pizza with salami, fresh basil, and sun-dried tomatoes. I’ll toss a quick salad together to offset the healthy fare 😉

I was too irritated when it happened to write about it then, merely wanting the event itself to lessen with each passing day. Now that a week has passed, I feel emotionally able to post the photos and the events of 2006’s Bangtastic Mother’s Day at Our Place*!

*imagine ominous yet whimsical calliope music here … like a damned carousel careening out of control.

The time was around 0845 or so. I was nicely asleep when GC comes into the bedroom and rouses me gently. I am not so good with the early rising unless major fun is to be had hence the velvet glove treatment.

“Hun … ” he tentatively asked softly getting louder, “hun?”

“Mmmpf,” came my automatic response from under the plump down comforter.

“You need to wake up. No one is hurt but there’s been an accident … ” continued GC getting a little louder in his attempt to roust me from bed.

“Mmmpf?” I replied, forcing one eyelid to open slightly as the cat mews in irritation that we are disturbing his slumber.

” … just get dressed and come outside, okay?” asked GC as he exited the room.

I masochistically open both eyes simultaneously to the dim room, lit only by slivers of sunlight vainly trying to get through black-out cellular shades. I pull on “outside” pants (as they are called in this house) and a bra, because let’s face it, if you are anything over a B cup – you have time to harness those puppies. There’s no need for unsupported bosoms dancing free in the wind if one needs to run. I slide on my red Dickies, again thinking if I have to run, it’s best to be prepared, eh? Don’t ask me why the hell I thought I might be running at nearly nine in the morning but I was half-asleep and my racing planning for something exciting for my still asleep body …

As I walk out into the hallway, the sunlight streamed through the top of the fan-shaped window on the door. I squinted angrily at it like it had done the gravest of injustices and padded towards the garage to get my sunglasses from the car. Nicely rose-tinted, I made my way back through the house to the front where I stepped out to see GC on the landing peering at this:

And there it was.

Like absorbing a triple shot of firmly brewed espresso straight into my brain, my entire body snaps to full-on alertness as I ask him softly, “Um, what the hell happened to our fence?” In hindsight, I might have used the F one there, I don’t exactly recall the expletive.

He turned his back towards the street and began to explain: he was stirring in the guest room trying to decide if he was going to continue sleeping or wake up for the day. He had no idea what time it was but he knew it was early because he had not been asleep long. He fell asleep in there after playing many hours of Halo 2 … so when he heard something that sounded like a muffled crash, he did not think much of it. He then heard voices frantic, male and female somewhere in the distance, though he could not make out their words. He peered out the window and saw the back end of a red car parked weirdly on the gravel. He walked to the side of the house to investigate and he saw the product of 1 silver car plus 1 red car equals our fence’s loss.

He made sure everyone was okay and then decided to come in to wake me. I nodded and immediately went back inside to retrieve the camera. I won’t bore you fine readers with the ins and the outs, just the facts ma’am:

1. Unit One (single occupant female driver of red car) was cited by the officer at the scene for failure to control speed.

2. Unit Two (male father with wife plus their 2 girls) was not found at fault due to markings on the asphalt and the damage done to his car. Side note – the girls and mother were completely fine. The whole family was on their way to the zoo to celebrate Mother’s Day – what a shitty way to start it off.

3. Unit Three (us) was given the police report information and the instructions on how to obtain a copy in a few days. Officer S. went on to inform us that since Unit One was cited, it would be through her insurance that we might want to file.

4. Unit Two was able to leave the scene to meet with his family at the zoo, taken there by one of our neighbours who witnessed the crash while walking.

5. Unit One claimed she was “only going about 20 m.p.h.” when the other car “came into the intersection.” A point that made the officer laugh when he was repeating this to us because this …

does not happen at that speed.

They narrowly missed our fire hydrant, though I’m sure an arcing geyser of water would have just added some black comedy to the situation.

GC and I decided that since it was a phenomenally beautiful day, we’d go ahead and take showers and do something fun. We went and had breakfast at a place on Aurora … yumtastic omelette with sourdough toast for me and the monkey had buckwheat pancakes with bacon. Mmmm, I love going out for breakfast – it always puts me in a good mood even with my fence sagging slowly from its morning trauma. We realised that it was the best thing that no one was hurt, save things that could be replaced and that now we had a strong case for placing a traffic roundabout or speed bumps there. The city has since been called and is researching the matter. It looks like they might set up a radar there to count the cars and see what speeds people are going through the stupidly unmarked intersection … *headdesk*

Anyway, GC wanted to take me someplace special so he programmed something into Ms. Magellan (our handy dandy GPS system) and told me to follow her directions. We went here:

He remembered visiting this park on a middle school trip back when he lived over in the San Juans. I did some research on Gasworks Park when we got back home and learned a bunch of cool stuff. The whole park was twenty acres in total and they originally believed nothing would grow there due to soil contamination. It is on Lake Union and was opened to the public as a park in 1975. The area was originally the site of a coal plant that manufactured gas from coal. Over time, it became obsolete especially after the import of natural gas in the 1950’s. The boiler house now houses an outdoor cooking area and the former compressor building is now a children’s play barn. I must add way cool because it’s all painted technicolour and begs to be climbed on!

It is a gorgeous view of the city complete with tiny seaplane in the top right corner,

easy water access,

and lots of cool things to explore!

Conversations with the locals with some examinations of thesurroundings.

After our sojourn to the park and a few calls to the maternal units, we decided to go back home to enjoy the rest of our lazy Sunday. With the cars removed, we could see the damage to the fence but we weren’t going to let it irritate us no matter how trashy it looked.

Pretty huh? Since it happened, I have called the adjuster for Unit One several times this week only to be told that they are still determining fault. I so wanted to say, “Um, your fucking insured driver who doesn’t know how to slow the hell down through an intersection?” I’m being patient but if you know me, it’s really not one of my strengths. I am giving the adjuster until Tuesday to call me or to have obtained a police report. If I receive no call or e-mail by Wednesday, then I get to revel in the height of my P.M.S. rage and let them have it. And the fence continues to sag, only costing them more the longer they wait … because I refuse to have some half-assed patch job. No, sirree. I want the replacement cost for the damaged section and we plan to turn around and get a new fence completely. We’re thinking something like this:

or this:

I think that we might do something reinforced for that corner, like maybe some piled rocks or something. But I’ve been craving a new fence with a bit more privacy yet still something welcoming … if that makes any sense. Either way, my deep dark subliminal desire for a new fence has become a reality. GC said that I pulled a Damien and wished it to happen. Silly, silly mortal.

At some point later in the day, we ventured back out to do an errand in Bellevue, across the bridge we went. We picked up some drawer paper for the finishing touches on our closet (again, to be saved for a future blog entry) … at one of the stores we visited, I’m waiting in line to check out. My earpiece beeps at me to tell me I have an incoming call. It’s GC telling me to look to my right. I turn around and see this.

After letting a chortle loose, I scurried over to take that picture, which he obligingly posed for. Usually he groans when I want to take photos of him, but I try to tell him that he’s such a good subject that he should just get used to it after seven years. After our errands in suburbia, we decided to get a treat for the way home at Koots. GC got a matcha green tea ice cream waffle cone and I got a matcha smoothie with a ginger lemon muffin that was full of rind and candied ginger pieces. Sweet Louise, it kicked much ass.

I have definitely used up my alloted time here so I will leave the remainder for my next entry, perhaps later tonight. I am making a late dinner for us and I’ll get back to my BBC goodness.

Currently watching: The Singing Detective.

Meal: lean Angus burgers on cracked wheat buns with blue cheese crumbles, sauteed mushrooms with garlic (for me), and a nice baby leaf lettuce salad with some thick-cut potato wedges broiled with sea salt. Can you say yum? Yes, I think you can.

Seeya on the flip side 😉

p.s. There will also be a blog to follow involving light sabers and Costco and store signage which totally made me think of a friend of mine. So, as they like to say on the telly …

to be continued …

so I decided to call this blog by this title because as we were driving home, I saw a pair of the RHPS lips on the back of someone’s car … as I go on, you’ll get the ha-ha there.

GC and I have been less than kind on our bodies since leaving AZ – moving boxes here and there, lifting heavy-as-fuck IKEA shelving, futzing here and there around the home – all in our attempt to prettify our house. Add some stress of an ailing grandfather moving in with my mum back in Texas, the fact that I’m looking down the barrel of a REALLY big-ass IRS payment from my soon-to-be-fired accountant snafu, and the lovely mva vs. fencing (to be written about in the next blog, which will be chock full o’ picturesque goodness) … and you have one grouchy GCG which in turn makes for a less than slap-happy GC.

I decided to book us massages today. I did loads of research into different spas and such around the area before settling on this place. I can fully appreciate full service spas and the decadent fun of being steamed and exfoliated and buffed and shined to a high pro glow, but I was just looking for a reputable place to get tweaked and realigned and thankfully so, I found it!

We splurged on the longest sessions available and after completing a health questionnaire, were ushered quietly into different rooms with our respective masseurs and tally-ho! Let the relaxation and rubbins* begin 🙂

Chris was to be mine and GC got George. I could have specified female but considering it was last minute, it was easiest to say we had no preference. And I really don’t have one as long as the RMT is capable and strong-handed. And with a scene change, I was there on the table, sheeted and blanketed as I lay on my belly. I was comfortable under my covers in my one article of clothing away from being au naturel. I focused on listening to the sounds of the room – the cello music playing softly in the corner, the trickle of water from a tabletop fountain, the muffled sounds of urban street activity, and the soothing voice of my masseur as he bade me to breathe deeply before he began.

A few deep breaths as my face rested in the terry-clothed doughnut of the table. I just let it go – thoughts of unpacking, the IRS, the anything and everything and I let the moment take over and I inhaled deeply through my nose, exhaling slowly through my mouth to get those goodly oxygenated ones going and also trying not to hear Kate Bush in my head singing. By the time I had exhaled my last deep breath, he began.

First the covers were gently drawn down, blanket first and then the sheet – not fast nor rough, preserving the modesty afforded to clients in this vulnerable position. My eyes were closed so I was allowing my tactile sense take over, enjoying the cotton of the sheet pull across my shoulders and small of my back. I heard his hands rub together with the oil and soon I knew that my muscles would be kneaded for the next ninety minutes. I smiled into my white doughnut and he began.

Thumbs into flesh, palms kneading, forearms running the length of my spine, shiatsu technique blending into deep tissue work … fingertips finding knots of tension and working them through into that fine line of pain that slips effortlessly into pleasure once you allow the pain to leave. The increasing heat of hands mixing with the blood rising to the upper most of my skin, the largest and soon-to-be-happiest organ in the human body. I found myself listening to the music more as he kneaded and manipulated me into a happy ball of relaxed dough. I imagined the bow drawing across the strings, the rhythm of movement making such heart-aching music and how the tones make me feel relaxed when I stop to listen. I’ve always been a sucker for strings, especially the soundtrack for a breathtakingly beautiful film.

I fell asleep for a few moments on the table, before I was awakened softly to flip over. I felt like I had fallen asleep in the sun – warm and languorous, not capable of quick movement. My eyes closed as my right foot experienced the joy of squeezing and human touch. As the catnap drifted away from my consciousness, it dawned on me that this was the first time in nearly seven years that another man touched my feet, much less the small of my back, a thigh or hell, even the rest of me!

It gave me a comfort to know that I’d been with someone for that long, longer than anyone I’ve ever relationshipped with and I smiled. Chris saw my smile and asked, “How I was doing?” Knowing it would take far too long to try to explain something whose relevance was important only to me, I nodded and gave the international thumbs up signal.

My time was soon up. I got dressed and met GC out in the lobby where a cool glass of water and a nice square of organic mint dark chocolate was waiting for me. I was light-headed but calm, and it felt like walking through water … warm, enveloping water. Sounds felt muffled and ambulating to the car felt heavenly. We waited for a while before heading out into traffic and the grocery store. I don’t know what I wanted to say in this blog. I seemed to have gone all over the page here. I know that I feel like a freshly baked and glazed pastry and the moment I feel the tension creeping back, away we go to get another massage!

Oh yeah, and this sign is at our local coffeehouse. It made me chuckle when I saw it.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– RelaxedGermanCityGirl

*rubbins – chiefly slang in the GermanCity household, used to mean massage or rubbing. Example – I am sore and would love some rubbins. Or, Nubbin loves da rubbins. The latter being a popular one in the house to say aloud.

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Meal: Late lunch at Duke’s on Green Lake. We split a blackened salmon Caesar salad followed by a lovely macadamia crusted halibut served with rice + grilled vegetables. Yum

My day has been wonderfully productive thus far. After a scramble-for-the-phone-what-in-the-hell-time-is-it call from Lowe’s, I went downtown to take care of some moving business. I registered the car in my new county of residence, switched plates, and obtained new tags. I figured since I was awakened in an untimely manner, I may as well get some shit done. Officially my car is nicely legal now in the state of WA and quite glad to be through with those other plates from that foreign state. I drove around AZ with TX plates for over 2 years, I just could never be arsed to get them changed. I’m on the fence about the vanity plates. It’s not much more but I could plan that bank heist with easily remembered plates, now could I?

Returning home from my downtown adventure in licensing, I took one of those random shots from behind the wheel. To be honest, I should probably stop doing that sort of thing while I’m driving because I’d hate to end up in Lake Union or something just because I needed to get that elusively cool picture. Anyway, it’s an older Pepsi neon sign that looks groovy at night all lit up and retro. I should research to see how old it is …

I just noticed that as I was posting this blog, I didn’t photo-fix the glass reflection. Oh well, I’ll leave it as the wabi of the shot. At a stoplight beside the Evergreen-Washelli cemetery that I visited last week, I looked over and snapped this photo of a local bus stop. Each one that I’ve seen has had different artwork and I love the etched glass with metalwork of the waves above. I wish the one by our home was nicer thematically but I won’t complain, it makes a good marker for people coming to the house for the first time. On my way home, I decided to stop at one of our local greengrocers to see what they had for sale. Their produce was invitingly fresh and not overly waxed. I have to stop by now and again to see what they have more often because their hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers were absolutely gorgeous! I need to pick up some feta and then I can make a really good salad with the red onions, Romaine, and kalamatas at home. Oh yeah, there’s also a small container of fresh blueberries that I’m looking forward to enjoying as well in the morning, if they last that long!

My last stop was for something cool to drink and I decided to check out this place, not far from home. I learned it was really simple. You drive up and turn on your headlights for service. A waitress will come out to take your order, you can eat it there or take it away and you pay her when she brings your food. It’s like an old school drive-in burger joint (like Sonic) but with much better food, I’ve read. Maybe we’ll check out the burgers or their onion rings, they’re known for both. The waitress who brought me my soda was from Texas and we chatted for about five minutes about Seattle versus the Gulf Coast. It was nice to talk to someone who understood why WA = 🙂 and TX = 😦 … oh yeah, here’s a shot of their menu. The burgers smelled good as I sat there talking to her so maybe we might check that out the next time we crave cow. Invigorated by my blackberry lemonade, I decided to make one more pit stop before heading home. My car, nicely dusty from the weather, sorely needed a bath. I decided on this place because their mascot is too cute.

In Houston, we washed our car once at a place called “Weasel Wash” … don’t ask me why anyone would want to name their car wash that but I guess if one had a dirty weasel. The alliteration works and the jokes are plenty but still, an odd moniker.

I’m back home now enjoying some freshly made guacamole (thanks Top Banana for the produce)! I forgot to swing by Central to get some feta so chips + guacamole seemed more like the order of the afternoon when I saw all the Hispanic-themed displays on the drive home. It’s the first time I’ve not lived in a border state to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo … it’s not such a big deal here. Maybe it is, but not so far as I can see …

Anyway, I’m waiting for the arborist to come by to assess our trees. I’m watching one of my favourite old movies from the 40s while I wait: Gilda. It’s such a fantastic slice of film-noir that I highly recommend it if you’ve never seen it. The sexual heat between Ford and Hayworth crackles and she was never lovelier than in this movie. I read a trivia bit that she slapped him so hard in one of their scenes together that she broke one of his teeth. Because they were far more hardcore back then, he kept the scene going and did not cut. Crazy, eh? I really liked Hayworth in The Lady from Shanghai but I’m a sucker for Welles in anything. I can sit and watch movies like these for hours and hours, taking breaks only to stretch and refuel! It’s such a comforting feeling that I can’t explain … I just like it.

My library is right down the street. I learned when getting my new card that one can check out up to 100 titles at a time! I can gorge on classic cinema and use our Netflix slots for more modern offerings! Now how sweet is that?!? Side note here, my grandfather on my father’s side was a dead ringer for Glenn Ford even as he aged. My father’s uncle (would that make him my great-uncle? anyway), looked like Spencer Tracy right down to the way he wore his hair. They just don’t make people like that anymore, you know? I’m being distracted by Ford and Macready’s conversation! So I think I’ll leave you with some pictures and get back to my film …

I googled and found an absolutely amazing site on Rita Hayworth from which I shamefully borrowed the photos below …

“Disaster to the wench who did wrong by our Johnny.”


Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl who is hoping for a friendly yet knowledgeable arborist who is honest to boot …

Currently watching: Gilda.

Meal: Guacamole made with garlic silvers, red onion, hothouse tomatoes, + plenty of lime for kick … enjoyed with baked organic chips.

At Central Market, they have this wonderful section tucked away back in the corner of the store. GC and I nearly rethought our stance on bar soap after smelling every single offering they had – around 40 or so and every one smelled better than the last. The ones to the left of the photo, while simple in design, were an olfactory delight – especially the spearmint and the clove ones. Mmmm, fantastic!

Some of their more artful soap bars were: a delightful pineapple that was reminiscent of a fresh pina colada, scents of romance and jasmine, a happy little kiwi-scented froggy right along beside an accidentally blurry (apologies, I jostled the camera!) duckie. There were exotic dragonflies, cups of raspberry coffee, berry-scented kitties, and delectable insects

you take one of these soaps, place them on the counter and slice off the amount you want. One of the stock boys laughingly told me they sometimes have small packages of soap fragments – bits of soap sold in sampler sets to get you hooked. And it would not be difficult because every single soap is handmade, all organic and completely fantastic.

I don’t have much else to talk about – the soap was pretty much the linchpin of my blog today. The melodrama of John Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga is tremendously addictive … I must get back to the trials and tribulations of these wretched families entwined no matter how hard they try to break free.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. Oh yes, one last image before I post. At the Container Store, I stumbled across these. It’s one of the nicknames for our sweet Wonder Cat …

Currently watching: The Forsyte Saga, Series 2

DVD snack: Brie on crackers + grapes.

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