Home. Home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope are gay. Robert Preston ruined that song for me …

I had a crap experience with my cabbie when I arrived home. I was so tired from the day earlier that I did not notice that he never switched on the meter. So we arrive home, he exits the cab and starts to place my luggage on the ground. I hand him the folded bills. He stops unloading so he can examine the cash. He mumbles to me something like I did not give him enough. I respond that I’ve taken many cabs to and from the airport and they have never exceeded $10 and that is with a decent tip. He kept shaking his head and I see past his slightly menacing form, my beloved computer bag with laptop inside. Thankfully like some psychic connection, my roommate comes walking out, and asks me if there is a problem. He looked slightly surly because it was past his bedtime. I was glad of it because this guy seemed like he was considering holding my computer bag ransom for more cash. When J. came out and the cabbie turned his head, I side-stepped him and reached inside the trunk, hurling the strap across my torso.

Creeptastic asshat. I was too tired to think about getting a license number but seriously, have you ever tried to complain about a driver? *shakes head here* Yeah, right … like THAT works.

I know our cat was glad to see me because the moment I arrived home, it was like I had velcro on my shoulders, legs … anywhere N. could get a spot to perch *bam* there he was. I’ve missed this little guy and he is sitting on the arm of the sofa with a dreamy look on his face that seemingly says, “Ahhh, yes. Mom is home.”

Not much to report tonight, GC comes home tomorrow so there will be much reunion and squeezin’. The cat will be in the heaven of the hog when we’re all reunited. And finally, the image for the night, what I am looking at right now:

See you on the flip side, wondering how people surf with dial-up 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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