August 2006

I saw this today in my online news reading, and yes, it’s not really news … just caught my eye. I know those shows were popular and part of some consciousness shared by my generation. Or some such b.s. like that. I just never thought those shows were any good. I mean, Cupid can’t find a home on DVD but that shite can? What-the-ever-living-fuck is wrong with the PTB?!?


Before I go and because I can, here’s the photo from when we met Piven in L.A. last year. He’s a charming, charming man with that edge of sarcastic that I crave. If you’ve not seen him as Ari Gold, remedy that posthaste.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityCupid-LovingGirl

No music. No meal yet. Just trying to figure out if I’m going back to sleep.


My phone rang today right as I was about to tuck in for a nap. I’ve had this weird schedule where I wake up at fucking 07:30 or so, wide the hell awake and can’t figure out why I’m awake. After an extending morning internet meander + breakfast, I’m usually ready for a nap around 10:30 or so.

Technically, it was GC’s phone that rang first. I peeped the ID and saw the (707) area code. Since I didn’t feel like chatting up any of the Humboldt relatives, I figured I’d let the voice mail grab it. A few minutes later, my phone rings. It’s the same area code, I figure it has to be something important to have both our phones ringing … so I answer. It’s GC’s friend KP + entourage heading South, 70+ miles outside of Seattle.

With no nap for me, I gingerly awaken GC to give him this information. He groggily awakens after 4 hours of sleep and sure enough, while I’m taking my shower, the guys arrive. After some awkward driveway conversation, the four other people leave find a hotel room, leaving KP in our care. I’m just not a fan of strangers sleeping at my place and the invitation was extended for the person I knew, not person I knew + 4. I don’t think I was being a bitch about it. Or at least if I was, meh, they’ll get over it. I offered to find cheap accommodations but they said that they would suss it out.

I should motor. My hair is wet and lacking product to keep its usual high-pro glow. I’m wagering lunch is in order before we go to Scream. He’s gotten rather fuzzy as of late and does not want to be that way for PAX. I’m thinking that KP will just come with because I’m not doubling back in traffic …

Wow! Do I have a mouth on me today or what?! I need to shed the surly before being social. Bitchy, while a lovely colour on me, isn’t flattering on the host.

J’écrirai plus tard, mes amis! Ciao!

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– La fille allemande de ville.

Currently listening to Nouvelle Vague. I crave their latest CD! Gah.

Meal: It’s beginning to look a lot like curry. Don’t ask, for some reason that tune popped into my head when I was typing despite the Depeche Mode cover that’s playing …

Me – sleep = punchy.