Last night was the final DMB show at the Gorge. We never actually caught O.A.R. from the beginning of their song set but they ended with a cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” which was pretty good. If I had the means to do it …

I’d take our N1 seats with N3 set-list. Sad to say our final night at the Gorge was overrun with chain smoking asshats who couldn’t go more than one song without lighting up. Oh well, here’s the set-list courtesy of the same folks, thanks guys. Thanks for giving me a hacking cough as I drove home.

Granny* (Unreleased)
Typical Situation*
Grey Street*
Where Are You Going
The Idea Of You* (Unreleased)
Lie In Our Graves*
JTR* (Unreleased)
Dreaming Tree*
Last Stop*
Digging a Ditch*
Cant Stop (Unreleased)
Jimi Thing*
Tripping Billies*

Loving Wings* (Unreleased)
All Along The Watchtower*

Show Notes:
*Rashawn Ross on Trumpet

And I never bothered to sneak my camera in. GC convinced me it wasn’t worth the headache so I just shamelessly snagged this from online …

We decided to go home after the show to avoid any traffic and because I missed the comforts of my home. It was a quick three hours but I’m absolutely useless right now, tired from the drive + the entire 3 days of music. I’ll write more about the entire experience after I’ve awakened today.

Much, much later today.

Seeya on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GermanCityUselessGirl

Currently watching Precious by DM. I love dancing to this song … ๐Ÿ™‚

Meal: Fillet of sole, pan-seared and oven-finished topped with slivered almonds served with a side of pasta + garlic. Pit-stop at 13 Coins before heading home, in case you were wondering. Had we gone straight home it would have been something like a bowl of Koala Crisp + milk.