Other than sleeping for a good portion of Saturday, it was a rather uneventful day. We ate our sandwiches and watched The Addams Family on HBO. I forgot that Harmony from the Sunnydaleverse was the girl scout pestering Wednesday about whether or not their lemonade was organic or not. Heh. Amusing.

We arrived at the Gorge and there was no room in preferred parking. We were sent to VIP parking instead. An even shorter walk and a hand stamp later, we hit the major logjam at the entrance check points. They were checking everything this time around, guys even had to shake out their hats and turn their pockets inside out … I’ll wager the ones carrying were having to find different places to hide their stashes.

On the steep descent down, we paused this time to take in the beauty of the Gorge at sunset before heading down to our seats. Nature on that large of a scale does make one feel oh-so-insignificant at times. Our seats were on a slant this night and waaaay off to the left. Our seats will be better tomorrow night since they are in the same place as Friday’s.

We caught the last few songs of O.A.R. again. DMB played for about 3 hours again and were visibly more energised than the Friday night show. Without further ado, here’s the set-list courtesy of some kind folks.

One Sweet World*
Crash Into Me
Seek Up*
Grace Is Gone
When The World Ends*
Shotgun* (Unreleased)
Don’t Drink the Water*
If I Had It All*
Dancing Nancies*
So Much To Say*
Too Much*
Break Free* (Unreleased)
Ants Marching*

Butterfly (Unreleased)
American Baby Intro*
Pantala Naga Pampa*

Show Notes:
*Rashawn Ross on Trumpet

I’m knackered from the night’s fun and walking. I need to develop a heartier constitution and upgrade my knees to something bionic. Add it to the list …

Currently listening to sound of my fingers striking the keys.

Meal: Chicken salad on flax bread with romaine + chips.