It was a good day and hopefully it will be the first of several while we are on our first holiday since relocating westward. We accomplished leaving Seattle in a timely fashion because we were up and on the road by 10:30. GC had about an hour of sleep so he’s a touch grouchy. We were able to take the express lanes to slingshot us past downtown thereby missing the traffic on our 3-hour drive heading to Moses Lake. We stopped for some lunch and continued on our way. It’s not bad for burgers though I still prefer our other burger vice.

It was weird to take such a long drive. I’m not used to it anymore since we moved here in April, this is the first time that we’ve taken a road trip of this length. It was fun though looking at the scenery driving by despite it getting warmer and less green …

For the record, ML reminds me of where I grew up and whew, not exactly where you’d want to vacation in the Lone Star state. What I mean to say is that you’d stop there to get gas and keep on keepin’ on. It’s a small town and while I don’t discriminate against those, let’s just say there were more pro-Shrubya bumper stickers and such on cars than I prefer. We arrived to the hotel early so our room was not ready. We small-talked with some out-of-town Warehousers about shows for about an hour until our room was ready.

I was a mite cranky checking into our less-than-stellar ADA room, but nothing could be done. Since the package was booked through the Warehouse and pretty much everything was sold out, we were stuck like Chuck. As I milled around the room, fuming in my way, Spike Lee’s new documentary was on to give me some perspective on how bad I might have thought the room was. I quickly shut the fuck up about it. I mean, how could I genuinely bitch about something as trivial as our room assignment when there are people still living like they do post-Katrina.

GC’s one and only experience with N.O. left him with no love for the city whatsoever. Our hotel was smack in the Quarter in a hotel that was rundown and unappealing. The drive there during a damn thunderstorm and random other assorted bad events just cemented that he never ever wanted to return. And despite seeing Depeche Mode live, the entire road trip made me question my fondness for the city.

I’m tangenting, I know. I had so many good memories of going there as a kid and as an adult. My father did his Naval Reserves there and sometimes my mother and I would accompany him. They are pleasant memories of those road trips down I-10. Me snuggled into the back seat of that old ’73 Impala with spare pillows, a stuffed animal or 3, and an Igloo for cold drinks. Sometimes we’d stop for seafood on the way or sometimes my father would just want to drive straight through, and all the while just wanting to get there! Going on spur-of-the-moment road trips with friends long since missing from my speed dial … all because we wanted to go some place, any place other than Houston … having chicory coffee + beignets with cigarette after cigarette trying to stave off that hangover. Just good times.

*shakes head from reverie* Okay, so yeah. After I tucked in the monkey for a nap, I nipped off to the local Safeway nearby. It thankfully supplied us with good food for our room so all is not lost. I surveyed the dining options and unless we take a chance on the Chinese cafe or Thai place by the Safeway, it’s dining in for the duration. There are the usual fast food places but we grimace at the thought of a McWhopper or a KFC fried chicken. Enough kvetching about the town or the room or the views! We didn’t visit for the scenery, now did we? So on with the show …

Our first Gorge show was pretty cool. The venue was about 30+ miles from our hotel so I made a pair of stellar sandwiches and off we went. We arrived around 7-ish and O.A.R. was already on stage. They are one of those groups that I’ve heard of but never heard them, so it was a pleasant surprise to enjoy them. I might check out some of their music online as well, just another group to research now 😉

The venue reminds me of Red Rocks with a steep descent to the seats and a fantastic natural background behind the stage. It’s really breathtaking. I left my camera in the hotel room because I read no cameras. When we got there, no camera signs were everywhere … as we got closer to the lawn seating, I saw cameras everywhere. Gah! My trusted companion will be snuck in for one of the remaining shows. Not so I can take photos of the band or anything, I want to take photos of the Gorge itself.

DMB took the stage around 8-ish or so and played for about 3 hours? I didn’t keep that close of a watch on the time, only glancing down now and again. Here’s the set-list courtesy of a site I stumbled across, before I get any further.

Proudest Monkey*
Say Goodbye*
What Would You Say*
The Idea Of You* (Unreleased)
Big Eyed Fish*
Hunger For The Great Light*
Dream Girl*
Loving Wings* (Unreleased)
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd*
Can’t Stop (Unreleased)
You Might Die Trying*
Louisiana Bayou*

Sister [Dave Solo] (Unreleased)
So Right*
Stay [Wasting Time]

Show Notes:
*Rashawn Ross on Trumpet

My random thoughts on the show?

– It was low-key with bursts of energy. I am sure a lot of hardcore DMB’ers will be disappointed with those choices but first of three gigs, I am holding out hope and know that I won’t be dissatisfied.

– Their version of Louisiana Bayou redeemed the earlier versions I heard previously live. It’s just not one of my favourites but I liked it tonight for some reason. I think it was the post-song noodling.

– LeRoi looks like a sleepy mole without his usual sunglasses. Standing beside Rashawn makes him look small in comparison … because Rashawn is one thick man.

– Rashawn’s t-shirt was a hip-hop couture nightmare. On the front, there was an image of the late Biggie Smalls wearing a diamond encrusted necklace with jewel encrusted cross. The necklace was attached to the shirt that Biggie was wearing.

– Before Dave began the encore song, he thanked the crowd for coming out to spend Friday night when all of them. He was then mumbling in his way about how it was getting down into snuggling weather. Dave’s quote: “No means no.” (pause) “And yes means ‘come the fuck on!'” – the funny being when he said ‘come the fuck on’, he said it rapidly like one might if struggling with the removal of clothing … naughty Dave 😉

– Lastly, I’ll never understand the need for people to get phenomenally drunk at concerts. You can do that at home. From the comfort of your sofa, and just get tanked while watching a live concert DVD. But no, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? People would rather get their concert tickets and spend 1/4 of the time walking back and forth between beer vendor + bathroom + seats. And don’t even get me started on the irresponsibility of what happens what said fucktard leaves the venue with their buzz on.

If you aren’t familiar with it, the process is as follows:

1. They muddle their way through the already tightly packed seats, stepping on people on their quest for more overpriced domestic beers.

2. They walk back to their seats, if they can find them at all.

3. They drink their beers quickly because it enhances the concert-going experience and dude, they were thirsty for something cold.

4. Soon after, they then have to go to the bathroom because the overpriced diuretic has taken affect.

5. Repeat #1 and then return to seat.

6. A while later, find that more beer is needed and repeat steps 1-4 again, ad nauseam or until the beer sales are stopped for the evening.

Now I’m not advocating that social drinking is bad, just social drinking to excess because you feel that is the only way to have fun. Maybe I should save this rant for another blog?


I’m tired of typing in this position. I think I’ll get back to watching telly (ah, such the treat), and wait for the Benadryl to kick it.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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