While GC was still asleep, I decided to venture out to find some cheaper gas but alas, I was forced to pay $3.19 per gallon after price-matching several competitors. Whew! I’m glad I don’t have to commute any more nor drive a gas inefficient vehicle. Before I swiped my card, the gas purchase on the pump was $65.00 … glad I don’t drive a SUfuckingV.

Exiting the hotel, something dawned on me that I neglected to mention on yesterday’s blog. If I had to judge a band by their fans, it’s nigh probable that I’d own any Dave in the collection. A few points came to mind about the demographic of his fan base. One was that they seem to wear the same uniform. I hadn’t noticed it really before but when you are with approximately 20K people and they all start to blend together … here’s what I mean.

Guys will wear Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt (or something they perceive as pithy) with distressed jeans frayed at the cuffs, and flip-flops. Variations on this look include the well-worn cargo shorts that come to the knee, a baseball hat, or possibly no shirt at all. Tattoo options available on this model include bicep or shoulders, marked with some Celtic knotwork or Gaelic saying, some assortment of kanji, or everyone’s favourite – the heavy black tribal tatt that shows everyone just how alternative you are.

The girls are harder to pigeon-hole. Their uniform varies within a wider range of options but still on average, not a lot of individuality. Tank top over another tank top, low-rise jeans or frayed denim skirt, and flip-flops. Most common models of this variety sport the combo of the small-of-the-back tramp stamp tattoo to offset their visible whale tail g-string. And I won’t even mention the other fashion faux pas that occur.

Let me add here that I am far from fucking perfect but I know what works with my figure and what doesn’t. I refuse to subscribe to the belief that just because everyone else wears it, I should. I am just not a sheep, I suppose. Are all people lemmings? Is this why I have so few friends? Gah!

Second point, I only saw 9.5 Asians at this particular show (guess who was the 1/2?) … I didn’t go from person to person to person but as we walked along the sea of whiteness, I started to get that twinge that I do when I’m in the minority. Not like the scary one when your car breaks down in a sundown town like Vidor but that feeling of non-inclusion when I don’t see fellow ethnicities out and about. Where’s the diversity, people? Are there no people other than the Caucasian persuasion who love DMB?

All of this popped into my head because the grounds of the hotel are littered with the garbage of partying concert-goers. I guess it takes too much effort to throw away one’s case of empties. There are more than enough 20-30 somethings wandering around to last me the rest of my life. They congregate together, beers in hand, trying to achieve that perfect buzz to last them til they can get more beer (or smoke) at the show. Now, I’m not a fucking prude. I’ve done my fair share of things that I won’t elaborate but geez, enjoy some of the show by actually watching the show!

I’ve bitched enough. I need to awaken GC now. I’m sure he’d like to be awake enough to be hungry before tonight’s show without resorting to venue concessions.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening to the rumbling of the room’s air con.

Meal: None yet, though it’s looking like more sandwiches + chips today.