I saw this today in my online news reading, and yes, it’s not really news … just caught my eye. I know those shows were popular and part of some consciousness shared by my generation. Or some such b.s. like that. I just never thought those shows were any good. I mean, Cupid can’t find a home on DVD but that shite can? What-the-ever-living-fuck is wrong with the PTB?!?


Before I go and because I can, here’s the photo from when we met Piven in L.A. last year. He’s a charming, charming man with that edge of sarcastic that I crave. If you’ve not seen him as Ari Gold, remedy that posthaste.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityCupid-LovingGirl

No music. No meal yet. Just trying to figure out if I’m going back to sleep.