Yesterday evening the menfolk went out to see PotC. When I mean the menfolk, I mean GC and Achimba. I opted to hang with the female Prophets, which was fun and low-key. We watched some Anthony Bourdain and chatted. It was the fun.

It looks like we’ll be seeing films at the Galaxy 12 in Monroe. Since half of their screens are digital, this means we can catch films a few weeks after their opening without having to suffer through a crappy print. It’ll save on the headache of parking downtown when we want to catch a big screen release.

Today was spent again out and about in Seattle. We found ourselves at a park that overlooked the water. I did so much driving in circles, looking at various paint combinations on houses that I doubt I could tell you where we ended up. But that’s the most fun, isn’t it? Just driving around to some place and then seeing where you landed?

There were flagstones scattered intermittently at the view point. I am a fan of random art like this. I might not love the piece but the fact it’s just there makes me smile. Geez, I sound like a fucking Pollyanna today, don’t I? Oh well, I had a good day so *sticks tongue out in defiance* …

Ha! In checking out the photos that I uploaded, I found the clue that refreshed my memory. It turns out we were in the area of the Parsons Memorial Garden which meant we were in the Queen Anne neighbourhood. I should have known from the pricey digs surrounding the views.

Exercise in futility.

Blue pretties.

Impish monkey.


I can’t say this enough but this city is really pretty. Can you imagine walking out your front door and seeing this when you look to the right? What a killer view!

Our last stop before heading home was another park that had swings. I don’t think I need to explain why.



We ran into the couple that we saw at the first park. The ones having the relationship talk in which body language intimated that he was breaking up with her and it was not going well. They left the first park ostensibly to have some more privacy but imagine our surprise when we saw them again at the next one. They were far down the hill though so they would have had to look up and over their shoulders to notice us at all. We did not play the part of voyeurs though. C’mon. There were swings.

At the top of the stairs near the park, there was a nice view of the surrounding waters. Again, imagine if this was your view when you awakened. Ahhh. Last link before bed, I just liked the composition …

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCitySleepyGirl

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