There was no trip to the moon. We’ve plenty of cheese in the fridge. One might say too much but I digress, on with the tale.

Today was another pleasant day in Seattle so we decided to have a lunch and go exploring. At this rate, we’ll never fully unpack. I know it irritates the monkey so. All that is left are my books … which I procrastinate at every turn to unpack. I don’t ignore the pleas of said monkey nor do I do it to vex him … I just can’t find the energy to sort the fuckers. Maybe I should just sell them off if I can’t decide which to keep. I can’t collect everything, right?

I liked the colours on this van, it was parked somewhere in Capitol Hill, en route to the park.

Oh yeah, the park. We ended up at Volunteer Park, near the Asian Art Museum. We had been curious about a cylindrical brick structure so we decided to investigate. GC went up first to see if it was worth my ascent up the stairs. It was. So off I went up, up, and up to the tip top of the tower, the Volunteer Park Water Tower to be exact. There were about 200 steps in all, not that much in you think about it but if you’ve got a crappy knee like mine … it’s a consideration. Grr.

There is a 360˚ view of Seattle that stretches all the way to the 520 bridge over Lake Washington. I snapped quite a few photos once I figured out how to angle my lens within the grating installed obviously to stop people from doing stupid things. I’d wager many Seattleites might not even know this is here, maybe they’ve seen it but never ventured upstairs. It’s pretty damn cool.

Enjoy the photos:

Exterior #1

View of 520.

Interior #1. This reminded me of the inside of a crab shell.

View of Space Needle + Bay.

Grated window.

GC’s insolent stance. Now if I could only get him into a kilt …

Exterior #2

After leaving the Tower, we continued to the other side of the park. There were more things to take photos of like random statuary, GC in front of a tree, and just look for yourself.

White Man’s Burden.

Handsome in green.

Who is this Thomas Burke? You people know I looked that man up the moment I got home …

Left of monument.

Right of monument.

View of Space Needle beside the Noguchi that’s on site. Don’t you wish you could go for a swim there?

Random cairns.

The photo shown below was of a reluctant Shiba Inu whose owner was brushing out his coat. He kept watching me walk back and forth, looking like he wanted attention from anything other than that damnable brush. I know better than to approach a strange dog though and when the owner’s body language isn’t open, despite my yearning to play with a puppy … I keep on walking. I just liked the juxtaposition of the foot and the dog, so you’re stuck with the story of why I took it.

I rarely do this. I usually post photos of others because I prefer to be behind the camera and not in front of it. Not because I’m not a cute thing (if you’ve met me in person, I have my moments) but I mostly because I enjoy the relative anonymity that teh interwebs can provide.

Anyway, I’m breaking my rule.

I’m posting a photo of me because I like how the composition turned out. It was one of those self-taken portraits that was supposed to be on the cuter side rather than pretentious, in that tortured art school way.

I don’t look my best there. A bit sun-baked and warm like a freshly steamed bao … so here’s one of me in the winter posing and being (dare I pun) corny.

Oh yes, I dared.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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