GC’s paternal unit + 1 has come and gone. It was a painless visit. No arguments over the native flora and fauna or what to do. They washed clothing, hung out, went to see some live show, ate good food, and then made their way back down South.


Here’s some random photos of the trip + random captions.

We took them to the fat happy olive place. I chose the pasta + puttanesca sauce and smoked salmon. I remember the first time I learned where the name came from. I’ve always had a fondness of it ever since. Who doesn’t love a good pasta the way a whore would make it? GC opted for a pasta with rabbit or elk sausage, I can’t really remember. Now that I’ve uploaded this photos, it’s hard to discern them from each other though they tasted nothing alike.

My pasta.

His pasta.

After our Italian meal, we drove around to give them a tour of Seattle at night. Mostly also to kill some time until everyone was ready for dessert. We decided to take them to 13 Coins downtown for coffee + something sweet. I chose poorly, a Zabaglione that in theory should have been good but was not. It really was unappetizing.

GC, however, chose wisely. He chose a strawberry shortcake that looked so inviting. I tasted it and ended up ordering one after the waiter cleared the offending custard away.



The day before, we took them on a road trip to the Mukilteo’s Ivar’s. We walked down to the beach afterwards and it was a good day to be outside. GC did an impression of a sea turtle returning from shore. It was cute. I love a smart-ass that can make me laugh 🙂

Sea turtle.

On their way out of town, we all stopped for a quick meal at our neighbourhood Chinese place. GC’s dad picked up the check, possibly from the chiding he had received from his girlfriend about not doing so previously.


It’s good to have the house back to just us and the Nubbin.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityIchigoGirl

Currently listening to my mum finishing up a story about relatives. Ahh, the wonder of bluetooth headsets.

Meal: I have a ciabatta here so it might be a cold antipasto with salad + bread. Nice and simple.