After my morning at Scream to fix the hair issue, I roused the monkey for an afternoon excursion for lunch. To explain, the previous stylist did not do a proper job of demarcating my red bangs from the rest of my naturally black hair. When I tried to look cute and wear all the black in a high ponytail with the red falling forward, I could see clearly the fuck-up of reddened pieces. Luckily I was not charged for the correction else I would have come unhinged. I’m not a difficult bitch, just one who thinks if you pay for something then you should get what you pay for. It’s not a difficult concept.

GC’s father called us from PDX, he + his girlfriend are en route to Seattle. Way to give advance notice! Basically today’s our last day of family-free time before we play host. No big deal though, they will have their own car and if they want to go and see the sights, we will point them in the right direction. That said, we had an uneventful lunch at Duke’s. I have a feeling we’ll not be returning there for a while. The food was obviously not photo-worthy and I have a thing about hot foods being served hot … so to salvage our day, we took a drive around Green Lake.

And then it happened.
GC pointed them out to me first and then I parked to get a closer look.


Mo bunnies.



It was nice to walk around amidst the bunnies who’d keep their distance yet remain bold in their proximity to the park goers. I remembered bunny-sitting Jaime’s rabbit when they went out of town. The thing was always twitching and nervous. It was cute though, I’ll give it that.

I’d hate to be prey. It’s much more fun to be the predator.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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Meal: An unsatisfying one.