It’s been a lazy few days. Good gaming session over the weekend and on Tuesday, my hair will be fixed from its dyeing mishap. Grr. I won’t even get into the sheer fuck-up that the guy did with one of my few vanities.

Anyway. Mrs. Prophet was out of town with the littlest Prophet over the weekend, leaving the male Prophet at home alone. On his birthday weekend! Oh no! So we ran it by her if he’d enjoy a surprise at home by two new friends bearing cheesecake … and she said yes, he’d prolly not mind it.

A quick stop at Central Market to grab an appropriate birthday dessert and away we went. We chose a Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake and I added a trio of espresso truffles to the top just to make it extra wicked good. We crept down the stairs and knocked on the door. As you can tell by the headset, we definitely surprised our intended. I just noticed you can see a corner of the cake in the photo:

Who’s there?

After the bemusement of our late night surprise, we did the whole cake + candle thing. There was singing with the later requisite enjoyment of said cake.

Huff and puff.

We hung out far past our bedtimes, having random conversations with lots of laughter, pizza was ordered, and all in all? I think it was a good night.

Currently listening to the white noise of my fan.

Meal: Salad + pizza + one sliver of that cake.