Bolstered by our good weekend spent at concerts and gaming, we decided to take a mini-road trip to see where the road took us. And it took us to Mukilteo. But I am getting ahead of myself, we awakened and decided to have some Japanese food for lunch. We headed to see our friend Kyung and she happily told me there was inari today. The last time we were there, they had run out of the tofu so she remembered my disappointment and seemed glad to tell me of the tofu goodness.

If you have never had it, it’s a very simple stuffed sushi. It’s a small pouch of thinly sliced fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice. I learned it is named after a Shinto god whose messenger (the fox) loved abura-age. I love tofu in any way, shape, or form. It’s also a good way to start someone out on sushi if they have never had it before – to get used to the sizes of the pieces and the different tastes of the wasabi, the soy, and the pickled ginger. Yum.

GC started on his chicken bento before not before I took a photo of it. I decided to have a dish I have every now and again because you just can’t have it all the time – the pork katsu-kare. It can be sweet at some places but theirs is not and I prefer it not on the sweet side. Their sauce with good consistency, fat onion slices and carrot wedges not overcooked and a heaping amount of rice hiding under the nicely crisp panko-breaded pork that’s not greasy whatsoever. Add some salad with miso dressing and you’ve a nice little meal … and Kyung always brings me a spoon with a smile. Is it wrong to want to adopt an adult? When she brings our bill, she always makes a point to give us random Dum-Dum lollipops because we told her about our favourite colours. She’s too cute! Maybe one day I’ll ask to take her picture …

After our meal, we decided to take a little drive north towards the water. I keep telling GC we should take the passports with us so if the mood hits us, we can just go to B.C. I think when I am feeling better, I’ll sneak them in my bag and just surprise him that we’re going. Noodles at Kintaro and then some shopping at Zara? I doubt he’ll say no.

We ended up in Mukilteo and seriously considered taking the ferry over … til we saw the line. So we parked, hopped out at the lighthouse, and walked off our meal for a while. You can see the ferry that we nearly took in some of the following photos. Everyone was picturesquely walking around with cones of ice cream and if we had not just eaten, we might have gotten a scoop to share … but we were full so it was not to be. We’ve made this decision that we’ll try to get out during the summer as much as we can because during the winter, we’ll want to just hibernate inside with our fire place, Netflix, and lots of hot cocoa. I think that is another reason it’s taking so damn long to unpack … we’re not home long enough! But with days like this … can you blame us? But wait, it rains all the time here … oh yes it does. You don’t want to move here … nope, not in the least bit.

View #1

View #2

View #3

View #4

View #5

After getting chilled at the water’s edge, we hopped in the car and headed farther north. Despite the sun being out in the piercingly blue cloudless sky, the wind was coming across the water something fierce! We followed the railroad tracks as far as we could, leaving Multikeo behind. We came upon a view area on the side of the road and stopped to walk around.

The snow-capped mountain way off in the not-so-far distance is Mt. Baker. I only took one photo because there were some very loud park visitors choosing to have separate cell phone conversations on the same bench pictured on the bottom left of the photo. They were seriously ruining my calm so we chose to hop back in the car, drive more, and have those road-trip conversations which are so much fun.

There are many different ways to test compatibility. If you like the same things or have the same religious beliefs or enjoy collecting thimbles and spoons. Nothing shows the mark of a good relationship than traveling well together … when things go well but especially when they go south. If you get along with your mate and travel well together, it’s always no big deal. GC and I have always travelled well together. And in the nearly seven years, we’ve only had one argument of note. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back sort of thing – me driving in an expensive rental car back from Birmingham to London, in the rain, after paying an arm and a leg for bloody petrol for the Volvo I didn’t want to rent but had no choice because there were no cars left at Hertz during the bank holiday weekend and the rail strike, dodging lorries on the motorways begging to be closer to London than we were … it was how you say, the fucking nightmare? And traffic was so horrid on the way there, that we missed the big-huge car show and the chance to meet the guys from Top Gear and get groovy freebie Mini-Cooper things and … all that that implies. I love that movie. If you have not seen it, buy it now.

Where was I in my babble? Oh yes, thankfully after we dropped the car at Victoria Station, there was a cab that took us back to the hotel at 0400 because I know we’d have killed each other if we waited for alternate form of transport. All that to see Peter Gabriel … was it worth it? For my front row vantage point? Yes, yes it was.

Side rant about delivery drivers: don’t leave boxes on a doorstep and then sneak away like you just tagged the door. If you are leaving a box that looks like this:

you know damn good and well that the inside item is prolly damaged. And you know if the person waiting on this item is home, they will more than likely refuse delivery on the basis that said item is damaged. It’s doubtful the damage was there before it reached your hot little hands. And when I open it:

and see dents all over as if I got it from the dump, don’t you dare say it was fine when you left it on my doorstep. Because I have photos that say otherwise … thankfully the online company said it was too much trouble to send it back and it was not worth the shipping costs for them to have the damaged item returned. They are sending another ash bucket back to me, double boxed with signature required. They were upset at delivery company X because they sent the first item signature required … so I believe that there’s a driver somewhere that will receive a write-up somewhere from my complaint and the customer service department who now has to send me another item on their dime.

Seeya on the flip side with less ranty tales from my hood,
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. And the next blog will contain the photos on our walk and quite possibly the review of the show at the Moore with photos of the female I am now in love with.

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