This is the owed blog from a few days ago, pre-Pillows goodness. And I’m still behind in blogging. Gah! Where does the time go … oh yeah! Having fun!

Yes, I’m a freak. An absolutely adorable and utterly amusing freak.

We know this … okay then! Moving on.

The day (Thursday) was full of sunshine – breezy and inviting. The kind of day that you have such impetus to get out and explore a new city, no matter where you go or what you do, you have to get out there.

We decided to cave in and opt for a lunch out. And you fine readers should know that it does not take much for us to go eat out … it’s not that I’m a poor cook, we both like the ritual of going out for a meal. We picked Ray’s Cafe because we could sit by the water and soak up the rays, pun so not intended.

We started our meal with a pair of drinks. GC chose the Thai Basil Mojito – a pint glass of Cruzan Citrus Rum muddled with lemons and Thai basil, topped off with lemonade and Sprite. I went for the Orange Crush made with muddled oranges, Finlandia Mango, Stoli Vanilla and Sprite. The next time we go, I promise to remember my camera a little earlier rather than at the end of the meal …

and what a meal it was. He got a grilled salmon burger on a toasted wheat bun with fries. My choice was a happy crab cake sandwich with ginger mayo and fries. No dessert because we were quite the full after the sandwichy goodness. We strolled a bit afterwards around the deck and GC had a incident with a rather hungry fish. Good thing the creature was not as imposing as one would think.

After our sun-drenched lunch, we decided to impulse shop over at Archie McPhee’s, a place we had previously driven by. If you live in Seattle and have not gone here, it’s jam packed with stuff you never knew you needed. Wait for the photos in a few …

GC humoured me and posed for purikura stickers with me, I tried to take a photo of them but it didn’t quite work out. So you lucky people who get random cards from me time to time just might see one stuck defiantly on the paper. I had some great ones of me and a former friend with Hello Kitty and Tuxedo Sam framing our faces but I have no idea where they are.

Okay, onto more photographic goodness. In the smaller of the two McPhees (they have two stores separated by their parking lot), they had a life-sized Medieval archer.

The weird thing is after I uploaded the picture, had I not known the size ratio, I would have thought it was a miniature because of the chess piece to the bottom left of the shot. I needed a picture of this guy and then the requisite close-up of the cheeky placard around his neck!

GC took a moment to rest his feet beside one of my favourite characters from a Tim Burton film and he didn’t seem to mind.

If you look over GC’s shoulder at the polka-dotted sofa, it’s a custom upholstery job with kitsch-tastic fabric. I’d never have it in my home but in the right setting, va va va voom baby! There’s also bolts of vinyl fabrics in the background of the picture. We might buy some yards to make additional curtains for the HT room. We have a very subdued Asian white parchment and a dark grey brown tatami mat design for them at present, one in front of the other with metal hems at the top and bottom. Instead of hanging them from the ceiling, we chose to hang them as window treatments … when the room is cleared of boxes, I’ll post photos so you can go ohhhh, that is what she meant!

And because I enjoy taking photos of the whimsical and absurd, if you ever need a replacement for one of these … now you know where to go.

But apparently there’s been a run on the arms. Maybe hipsters wanted to get all Cocteau in their home decor …

After impulse buying many gifts for friends in far away places, we decided to leisurely make our way home. I took a few photos on the way … no really, I did. A pub sign that had me pull over to get a proper one, an amusing sign at a stop sign, and one of the rocket as I drove by. I’ll snap one of Lenin and the troll (separately not together), the next time I am in Fremont.

After we returned home, I unpacked my bags and here are some of the goodies that were fortunate to come home with us. I don’t think descriptions are needed for any of them.

Okay, maybe the Parasite Pals do. They were having a major sale on their items so I picked up some stickers, eraser toppers, a clear vinyl rectangular purse, and pictured is a plastic case with stationery paper. I have a pen pal in Japan who is going to dig this gift muchly. I should have picked up more of the ginger candy. It’s all gone because I had not had it in ages and GC devoured it the moment it was unwrapped. If you have never had it and enjoy ginger, I highly recommend it! But like any candy from Asia, it’s best when it’s fresh so check your local Asian markets to see if they have it … you won’t be sorry. It’s a lot like Botan Rice Candy but gingery instead of lychee.

This transmission has come to an end. I need to make some dinner and I’m at a loss for what to make because it’s getting about that time. There will be another blog soon but enough linking for now. I’m tired of looking at the screen.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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