I’m still enjoying that high you get when you have a good evening out with friends. Good food, good music, good dessert, good everything. You know the times where it feels just good to be out and social in a city that you love? We saw the Pillows tonight at a Seattle institution, the Crocodile Cafe.

They totally rocked sauna-style. Wow.

I thought I could finish the one blog I have been working on and then write this one but my adrenaline from a good night out has seemingly drained away and now all I want to do is scrub my mascara off and then crawl under covers with sore calf muscles from standing for most of the night, dancing in place, and walking around downtown a bit.

There will be a good and proper blog, two actually but not tonight. Tonight is for the sweet sleep where you drift off remembering the humour and music and instances that make life worth living.

It feels good to be alive. Oh hell yes, it does.

Seeya later on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityPillowsAddictGirl

Currently listening to Little Busters by the Pillows.

Meal: Earlier it was a baby green salads + grilled peppered steak, tossed with Bernstein’s + fresh croutons for a lovely meal.