I was about to go to sleep before the OCD kicked in of not checking e-mails for several hours.

Ta-da! Here I am, after reading a few blog entries of friends and posting what would have been a long-ass comment over here in lieu of a blog.

“I feel your parking woes. We have a neighbour who lives two doors down who is a general contractor with several work trucks. His own driveway is brand new and paved, entering into a gorgeous wooden gate … yet he chooses to park his trucks everywhere else.

So GC mentions to me that there’s been a truck parked partially on our gravel, on the side of the house that would best be termed as the back. I peek out and sure enough, it’s on the gravel and on the top of our small concrete steps.

I call the number on the side of the truck, expecting voice mail since it is the weekend. I get a guy who tells me that it’s Mike’s truck and don’t I know Mike? I politely tell him we’ve just moved in and can he please move the truck? The guy continues to yes, laugh at me saying I can’t believe you don’t know him and blah blah blah. I get cranky and tell him that whether I know him or not, the truck is parked on my steps and if it’s still there when we get back from dinner, I’ll have it towed.

We return from dinner – truck gone.

A few days later, it’s back. So I let it slide … until last weekend when it sat from Friday til Sunday. I call the second number listed on the truck, which happens to be Mike’s mobile. I leave a very pleasant message about new neighbours and trucks, etc … all the while thinking that I have the city’s anonymous tip line number handy if he pisses me off. I get no reply but the truck has not been parked there.

Sometimes I think people don’t think. They have to be gently reminded. On the flip side, I wanna share a quickie story of parking triumph.

I run over to the groovy Target with the escalator for shopping carts and find a parking spot right near the entrance/elevators, beside a large column. There is just one thing wrong! The SUV parked to the right of the spot can’t seem to colour in its own lines, spilling over into the prime parking spot. Now my car is not massively wide, so I park spilling over the lines to the left but within the lines on the right. No harm, no foul because I’m not blocking anyone’s ability to park to my left since there is no parking there.

I leave the store after 25 minutes or so and walking back to my car with my purchases, I see a small blue Post-It stuck to my car. I scrunch up my face as I approach it to see this spidery-ass writing telling me …

wait, must retrieve it from the garbage to take picture … stand by.

Currently listening to (The) Head on the Door by the Cure.

Meal: A ham + swiss sandwich with toasted flax grain bread, nearly made soup but couldn’t decide on one to open.