Okay. Apologies. I took longer than I needed, having to find the camera, take the photos, download then upload them, and yes, make a mug of hot cocoa. Mmmm, with little marshmallows! I lied, they are the jumbo ones and they are taking forever to melt – they go better with s’mores. But fuck if I’m going to make a fire just to sate my need for melty marshmallowy goodness! I’ll let them melt in a mug o’cocoa.

Anyway, here’s the note I found purposefully stuck to my driver’s side window. Apologies about the crumpling, it was tossed into the floorboard.

I arched my eyebrow at it, naturally thinking to myself that this person’s handwriting was far worse than my parking. What can I say? I’ve been complimented for years on my own printing abilities. I’d never leave such a crappily written note. That said, after self-congratulating myself on being able to write a better note, I then wondered who might have left this? I unloaded my shopping cart and entered my vehicle, looking again at this handwritten postie of blue crankiness. I walk around my car and wonder why this note was written? I did not infringe on anyone’s parking spot? I merely parked a foot or so to the left nearer to a column … as I walk to the passenger side of the car, I look over at the different big-ass SUV there and lo and behold, in the center armrest with all manner of crap, there it was … an opened stack of coloured post-it notes, blue resting right on top. Now maybe it’s my criminal mind over-thinking the sitch but if I leave someone a coy note, I’m not going to:

a) Park directly beside them with

b) the evidence in the front seat and

c) think they might not retaliate?

I mill around the floor of the parking garage, near the elevators. Unless the person saw me physically park my car, the chances that they’d know it was me driving that specific car were a thousand to one. I wait more out of curiosity’s sake than a confrontational one. Walking around the area where the escalators land, I see someone walking towards the car parked beside mine. I casually make my way over to the woman, so as not to frighten her or seem like I’m going to cause a scene. As I walk towards her, past my car and hers, I stop for a moment with my mobile phone out and ask her if she has any paper. She smiles at me and reaches in to hand me, oh yes, the stack of post-it notes.

I thank her for her paper, close my cell phone and then take a breath at what I am about to do. I grin and reach into my courier bag and ask her if she wrote this? I hold it up and she immediately reddens. She replies that she did not while shaking her head no. Now c’mon. If you are all ballsy and want to leave a note on someone’s car, at least cop to it if you are called on it! I hand her back her stack of post-its. I put my note back in my bag. I state, “Wow. Because the circumstantial evidence of a blue note on my car, you parking beside me with blue note paper in your car, and the fact you are all kinds of red seems to point otherwise.” She opened her mouth like she was going to retort but I cut her off … “Now, I want to tell you something that you might not have known. Before you pulled your energy-inefficient boat into that lane, there was a SUV before you and they did not know how to park. So this note (I pull it out) should have been meant for them (I wave it around for emphasis). I, however, chose to park slightly towards the left so I would not take up more than a parking space, something that I rarely see SUVs of your size do … so before you try to apologise to me, we’ll just leave it alone and you should really rethink leaving cute little notes on people’s cars who just might get really pissed off.”

She wore an expression of being completely dumbstruck as if this nuclear-red dyed hair freak in combat boots is going to do something drastic. I grin from ear to ear and turn around saying brightly, “Now have a nice day!”

I’m a magnet for shit like this, I swear to you. But hey, it gives me a chance to go all Julia Sugarbaker on them … like I’ve been known to do.

And to illustrate why the CD transfer has taken so long? Look at what my distraction is? You can see the makeshift table I’m using and the box of discarded jewel cases if you look real close. I’m on the T’s finally. Thank fuck.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Still listening to (The) Head on the Door by the Cure.

Meal: Read the entry preceding this one for the food part 🙂