I awakened this morning or rather was roused from bed by GC, who had been awake for a while waiting for me to wake up. And much like a bear roused from hibernating sleep, I’m not how you say, the pleasant when I’m awakened? We had a few words, albeit some louder than others, and the end result was leaving the house together to explore this wonderful city …

Anything to get out of the house and out from under boxes!

We drove around for a little bit, deciding to get out at Magnuson Park, near the water’s edge to ambulate around and stretch our legs. I learned after I returned home that this park is the second largest … I’m curious as to what is the largest one. I know that Denny Park is the oldest though, from the late 1800s, I believe?

Anyway, the view was spectacular and even though the air in some places was thick with gnats, we enjoyed surveying the sky and shore from the water’s edge …

We continued on, farther South on the shore, heading towards the 520 Bridge.

After eschewing the concrete path for a much greener one, we came upon a park bench. We sat. The sun shined down, the breeze tickled our faces, and again we did the song and dance about living here. Okay, to be fair, it was a seated song and dance but there was one just the same. I think you might offer a small dance as well with views like these!

After our mid-morning constitutional, we opted to run over to the U-District and get some pizza at Zeek’s. As we drove there, we passed an Italian cafe with two happy fat olives on their sign. Passing the cafe, the smells of good food wafted into the car cabin like in those old Woody Woodpecker cartoons when the aromas turn into spectral fingers hooking you in and dragging you closer … so being the adventurous sort that we are, we chose to go in.

We were greeted with a hearty “Ciao!” upon entering and the smells of the kitchen made both of our tummies grumble happily in great expectation of good food. We opted to sit outside in the patio where two other tables huddled around a small television watching the end of World Cup game. I took that photo after the game ended and the soccer fans left … and this one because I liked the small outdoors bar.

The menu was simple and our waiter explained each special listed on their board. GC and I both ended up choosing items from the board – he chose a dish with shaved pork loin, tri-coloured peppers, fresh basil and tomato sauce with fresh cut ziti. I settled on the alderwood smoked salmon with fresh cut ziti, served with a red cream sauce with sweet peas. But to start, I had to check out their caprese – my weakness at any good Italian restaurant. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, soft and milky under a generous portion of fresh cut basil, sliced Roma tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. A pinch of sea salt with a nicely ground pepper, finished off with olive oil makes for one fantastic salad! I chose a nice pear nectar to go with the salad – good choice, if I must say so myself. I savoured each bite slowly, making sure each forkful had cheese, both kinds of tomatoes, and basil … sheer bliss.

Until the entrees came, that is. I wished I took a photo of our meal (I usually do) but the moment it was placed in front of us, GC tucked into his pasta and did not put the fork down once. He doesn’t scarf food to miss the flavours, it was just that good that he steadily ate. My creation was served on a large black fish-shaped plate and kicked much ass. While I did not eat as fast as GC, I did leave no pasta, peas, or salmon morsel when I was finally finished.

As we ate, we enjoyed our sinfully delicious meal with several bottles of chilled Limonata.

See how it maketh GC smile thusly? Maybe I’m biased, but I think he has a nice smile …

We ate. We talked. We enjoyed eating al fresco. And after we consumed much good food, we did what any good foodies would do. We pondered on it for about a minute then inquired about dessert! We decided to go simple and split a dish of spumoni. Next time I want to try their vanilla bean ice cream served with candied cherries, drool-worthy, to be sure! We suffered through our dessert, not wanting to offend anyone by its presence. This place is definitely on the itinerary when some good friends of mine come up to visit later this summer, I think they’ll both dig on the ambience and the food.

We needed to walk more after our nearly two hour meal so we motored over to Golden Gardens, which was chock full of outdoors-worshipping Seattleites. We decided instead to head over to the dog park, not far from the Gardens.





We walked around before sitting on a bench to watch the show of new dogs entering the arena to play with others. A pair of Corgis wrestled with a docile pit bull for a fat pink ball while a huge white German Shepherd caught frisbee after frisbee hurled by his owner. When I was a kid, my father gave me a huge dictionary of dog breeds and being the memorisation geek I am, I pretty much memorised most of it. GC was treated to colour commentary as various breeds ran by us and I had fun guessing some of the lineage of the mixed breeds. It was such a good day – nature, food, puppies.

It’s time for sleep now. The last of these photos have finally uploaded to the blog and I can fall asleep, still sated from earlier.

Tomorrow’s Fathers Day. It’s weird to think it’s been three years, you know? Meh. It doesn’t hold a lot of meaning for me anymore …

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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