Despite my lack of good sleep, today was a pretty spiffy day.

I woke up around 7-ish because for some reason, 4 hours was plenty of sleep for me. I think also because I knew that GC was in the process of trying to revamp his sleep schedule yet again so my subconscious poked me awake.

Small snack, drive to IKEA for the last bit of STOLMEN we will need to complete the shelving system for the home. Since our walls are composed of old-ass plaster, GC created a cool way to suspend the HT screen so he needed a few more connectors and hooks. We’re seriously considering having our electrician come back to the house to check on my closet light which is for whatever reason deciding to be cantankerous and also give us an estimate on burying the speaker wire in our walls so we can be all high-tech and cool. Heh, in reality it is because we don’t want speaker wire all across the hardwoody goodness.

Back home by noon-ish because we timed it just right to catch the express lanes BOTH ways! How cool is life?! I say this because if you have ever been trapped on the 5 just trying to get from point A to point B, when you can score express lanes plus HOV … life is good. A nice leisurely lunch at our sushi joint and then home for more housework.

Dinner tonight was simple and yumtastic. I made another one of my meat n’ salad creations that GC is fond of – this one was grilled sirloin, shaved parmesan, dijon Caesar dressing, and the rest of those homemade croutons. It hit every point of craving – fresh Romaine lettuce, tender meat, the merest hint of cheese and a smidge of bread to round it out. I stood waiting for the sirloin to cook and as I looked over at the bag of salad to tide us over until I can get to Costco this week, which equals tomorrow since we consumed the entire bag tonight.

And I’ll get back to the bagged salad segue in a moment …

as our food digested, GC made a fire with our new fireplace implements – a stainless steel fireback to protect the masonry and a new grate. Our nightcap to a perfect day (cue the Lou Reed) was homemade s’mores made in our fireplace. There’s something that just hearkens you back to childhood when you smell the scent of gently charred marshmallow as you squish it in between the chocolate and graham cracker. We had two each, which was plenty … and oh yes, YUM! I can’t wait to do it again perhaps when we build a fire in the outdoor patio.

I remember the whole convoluted train of thought I wished to embark on and that was the whole bagged salad thing. A few weeks ago, we had a knock at our door – it was our neighbour from 4 doors down, bearing a bottle of wine as a one-woman-welcome committee. She was pleasant enough and talkative, discussing the possibility of the first block party for our street in August (if we were interested) … we said yes and she handed me her business card, exchanged phone numbers and the requisite e-mail address and away she went.

A few days later, I check the website on her card … and when she had said she was an artist, I had no idea she was one who got paid … among her many clients (like Gardenburger and others), she created the lettering for the Fresh Express bag that lay empty on my counter. When we went to her home on Monday for the block party meeting, during the course of conversation, we learned about the campaign she is working on now. I don’t know if any of you have seen the print adverts for AMEX where they highlight a celebrity and in “their” handwriting, they write about their favourite things? Well, guess who does the handwriting for it? I thought it was pretty cool. And she’s our neighbour :). Kinda cool, eh?

We also have the curator (or something similar) of the arboretum as our neighbour on the other side. We need to gain some notoriety I think. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Me go sleep now.
Seeya on the flip side πŸ˜‰
– GermanCitySleepyGirl

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Meal: Grilled sirloin with tossed greens, read above for full description.