It’s been about a week since I’ve written something over here and I’m pleased to say it’s because we’ve gotten things done in the house, versus sitting on the collective duff doing sweet F.A.! We had a push in the right direction with a friend coming over this last Saturday so naturally our vanity kicked in for us to unpack faster! Soon there will be photos of the cleaned up space … soon πŸ™‚

It’s been a good week here – lots done and so forth. Our new electrician came and went, converting the outlets into properly grounded ones. He moved two of them in the bedrooms so we could install some freestanding drawers without losing any so yay! We can finish the guest bedroom’s STOLMEN and be done with it!

Yours truly has made great strides in the scanning of compact discs, making it to the M’s and clocking the total so far at 1162 so far and sadly still counting. I don’t think I mentioned it but we decided to abandon the jewel cases and Amaray cases for space reasons. I did not want to devote all our wall-space to media shelving.

GC has installed the preliminary framework for our screen, deciding not to hang the 40plus pound screen directly on the wall itself. We learned from our electrician that our walls are plaster over wood strips and that when you drill into it – nicely irritating shattering effect to follow. So, the monkey paced the boards for a while and constructed a framework between two of the STOLMEN poles, thereby resting the framed screen for support. Soon there will be big screen entertainment … soon πŸ™‚

After more scanning, stripping, and editing media into various pedias, I decided to make some supper and call it quits with the media work for the night. I settled in with one of the sweetest marriages of comfort food:

1. A bowl of steaming Heinz Cream of Tomato soup with fresh ground pepper and shaved parmesan melting lazily on the smooth surface of the soup.

2. A grilled Muenster cheese sandwich on cracked whole wheat bread, cooked on both sides to get that nice crunchy bite before yielding into the gooey cheesy middle.

And as I gleefully added concert dates to our burgeoning social calendar (Ladytron, DMB, The Pillows, Neko Case, Bela Fleck, and more), I started thinking about comfort food and how sometimes a craving for a certain melding of flavours or textures will immediately impart a feeling of safety or home. I feel a mini-list coming on!

like freshly cooked rice with a splash of soy, a hard yolked fried egg, and sweet chili sauce drizzled over the bowl …

like hot wheat toast with a thin layer of butter and slightly bitter orange marmalade …

like bao, steamed soft with reddened roasted pork hiding inside …

like homemade macaroni and cheese with a seasoned bread crumb topping …

like my grandmother’s homemade lumpia with that sweet and spicy sauce she’d make for my grandfather …

like fresh hopia with its flaky whispery layers of dough around the dense sweet mung bean filling …

like the fact I could go on and on but will leave my list short, less I get a craving and have to dash to QFC for cooking supplies.

I was wondering what some of your comfort foods were? Feel free to chime in and list some of yours. I’m weirdly curious and somewhat sleepy from my sammich and soup. It’s trite to say but it was mmm, mmm, good!

Seeya on the flip side πŸ˜‰

Currently listening to The Visit by Loreena McKennitt.

Meal: Hot soup and warm crusty sammich referenced lovingly above.