GC and I have spent last night and tonight playing through DOA4 just so we could unlock Helena, GC’s favourite character. I’ve enjoyed the new characters but fuck me running, ALPHA-152 was such a cheap boss character to battle. It was satisfying to kick her green gelatin ass when I finally could

we alternated characters to go through story mode. Starting with our favourites …

and working our way through our not-so-faves, for example, I offered to play as Jann Lee if he would play as Bass. And on it went until we did it – all unlocked with all that is left to do is to replay the character to unlock costumes … but since you can’t unlock Kokoro’s kimono,

I dunno if I’m wanting to go through the effort.

We finished about 30 minutes ago and Helena is unlocked. My thumbs are killing me but hey, as long as the monkey has his damn Frenchwoman to play, all is good. We also have the Spartan-458 (Nicole) unlocked also – weird but still amusing. GC switched to playing Halo 2 because his online friends sent him game invites and I have thusly retired to watch some BTVS S5 and netsurf before bed. But hullo there late-night hunger pang! I pad to the kitchen, opening the fridge and cabinets for inspiration. We had one lonely English muffin so in it went into the toaster. What goes well with a toasted muffin? Yes, a well-cooked egg. And as luck would have it, we had two eggs left. I cracked the eggs and discard the yolks, as is my sometimes quirk when I make a mini-omelette.

Stir, whisk and pour … I wait for my late night breakfast to cook and I think that it needs some Muenster cheese. Flip egg over, fold a cheese slice in while having an across-house conversation with GC. He wanted to tell me we’d been invited over to one of his online friends’ houses for dinner this weekend. Chattiness ends, omelette is golden crusted, and I sneak back to the bedroom, hot yum open-faced on the toasted muffin. I hop in bed, gather the down comforter around me, push Nubbin away from the steaming scent of delicious, and hit play on the remote.

Episode of Buffy begins, the one where Riley gets caught at the vampire feeding house … and I tuck into the snack. The first bite – airy egg married to crusty sourdough. Heaven, nicely peppered, hint of sea salt, well cooked egg, and bread crust. I chew and cut another bite, I can feel the springy resistance of melted cheese. After one thoughtful bite, it doesn’t taste right. There’s something off so I do that thing you do when you roll the food around with your tongue to try to figure it out before spitting it out … and it feels like paper! I slide the plate from my lap so I can turn the bedside light on to see what the hell I just ate.

Guess who forgot to remove the small pieces of parchment that the lovely deli man placed between my freshly sliced Muenster so they would not get all sticky. I ate around the paper as best I could but for the most part, my mini-lette was ruined because as I tried to fish around it, it got cold. It’s like when you bite down into eggs and get that crunch of the shell or feel the grit of sand in a bite of spinach …

I ended up having a fat Rivera pear and a few thin wedges of non-papery cheeses. I could totally wax poetic about the glory of grapes, double cream brie, and bread but partially full belly of cheesy pear goodness plus late hour equals sleepytime for me.

It’s time for sleep now but I thought I would share the funny.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently playing DOA 4.

Meal: Pear wedges and cheese, all I needed was some wine to round it out!