Costco has the best return policy ever. If you don’t have a membership there, go now and get one. You can always cancel it for a full refund. Get rid of that other discount club card and go with this place … 🙂

Anyway, we bought a nifty Magellan GPS system before we visited Seattle in February for our house-hunting expedition. It served us well but when we last were at Costco, we saw a much shinier version with more bells and whistles than the one we bought a few months back. Naturally we could not find our receipt from January but the friendly folks at Costco took our very gently used GPS so we could upgrade to the new one. No questions asked and no arguments and NO restocking fees or grief!

And while we were there, GC impulse bought something that was priced too good to be true. Bundled with the console itself, they included a hard drive, two of the wireless controllers, the play & charge kit, and a game whose name escapes me.

While he meandered through electronics, I grabbed a huge box of grapes to go with the rather large wheel of brie that we like to keep on hand for those cheese emergencies. Walking back through the store with my foody choices, I walked over to the area where the sabers were last seen … they had been pawed over far worse then when we saw them.

But in the back, opened but not all the way … was the blade I said I might pick up if I found it. Not the purple Windu but the cool blue blade that whispered seductively, “buy meee”. Retail therapy does work! It’s good for what ails you!

The picture is blurry because the cat nudged the camera right as I was taking it … I might take some better ones later but there was too much effort involved in shifting batteries around. Our rechargeables need to finish their cycle and I dislike using the disposable ones unless it is an absolute emergency …

Anyway, time for some more naked Ewan McGregor before bed. Now doesn’t that sound just naughty. Oh well, a film with this much eye candy, I’m entitled. And I’ve written a mental note to myself to get this film’s soundtrack. I had forgotten how damn good it was.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityJediGirl

Mmm mmm good.

Currently watching Velvet Goldmine.

Meal: Ate some minestrone and a grilled swiss sandwich on rye, nothing gastronomically special but it was tasty.