Another pictorial from the Emerald City including the (hopefully) somewhat amusing tale of Jedis at Costco …

our day began with hot showers and breakfast. I am beginning to appreciate the joy of fresh socks and hot morning showers and layering clothing. Down comforters take on a whole new dimension of cuddle factor when it’s chilly in the mornings. The enrobing of warm weighty blankets interspersed with cool air above the blankets is prolly once of the nicest feelings in the world … that balance of cool and warm. It rocks. Oh yeah, and I also keep telling myself that I will eventually get used to cold toilet seats when I am half-asleep. Can you tell I am still enraptured with this place!?

Our day began driving through Ballard when we came across this sign:

which made me think of boatierra’s backyard puppy bon mot at our farewell dinner. I’m hoping I quote properly when I say, “It was like my backyard had given birth to puppies!” Emphasis on the puppies – for true comedic effect that had me howling at the table. So naturally hearing that in my head, I had to pull over to snap the photo. I don’t know what made me smile so … the airborne cartoon dachshund or the gleeful message proclaiming the arrival of fat, wriggling weiner-dogs just begging to be taken home and squeezed appropriately.

Our next drive-by occurred when GC requested that I turn around so we could figure out what a particular store sold (see link supplied for more info!) …

an alternate view of the wicked waterfowl …

Archie McPhee’s eye-catching sidewalk sign, pun fully intended …

and lastly, the lizard beckoning you to come in and see the wares within!

We did some more meandering and soaking up of the neighbourhood vibe before heading back home to get some stuff done. Our treat was some of my favourite fair trade chocolate I picked up over the weekend during a market run …

Tasty stuff (key lime chocolate … mmmm) and sadly educational to boot. I suggest picking some up if you haven’t already and don’t forget to read the inside wrapper. GC’s favourite is the milk chocolate with rice crisp “Manatee Bar” … “Yeah right, sea cow.” Pat yourself on the back, if you get that joke.

We decided that we needed to make the weekly pilgrimage to our local Costco, but before we left … I had to get my mobile phone from Nubbin. He’d fallen asleep on hold while waiting for customer service to answer the phone. If you look carefully, you can see his extra toes. I’ll wager they fell asleep trying to hold the phone which is why he borrowed my Bluetooth.

So off we went to the store. We usually go our separate ways to maximise the shopping and so we don’t spend longer than we have to at places with that much stuff to buy. After about a half hour or so, I get a phone call from GC asking me where I am. I give him my coordinates and he appears in the frozen food aisle with a goofy look on his face. He asked me if I was done and I nodded asking him why? He said that I had to, emphasis on the HAD to come with him. He leads me over to the middle of the store to the area where they have paddleboats and lawn furniture and other summery things for sale. He reaches behind a display of oars to extract two long black boxes depicting a Darth Vader light saber and a Luke Skywalker one. Red for me, because hello? Sith rule! And green for GC, no explanation needed I think? I give him a look and he relates his amusing instance of the day to me.

He’s walking through the appliances aisle when out of the corner of his eye, he sees something blue flash by. He hustles around the end cap to see a casually dressed thirty-something drinking one of those berry smoothies from the front of the store with a lit saber hoisted on his shoulder. He approaches this Eddie Bauer Jedi to ask him half-jokingly, “Do they sell those here now.” Our EBJ shrugs and replied that he did not know, he just found it. Curiosity piqued, GC embarked on a search through the whole of Costco to see if they were indeed selling light sabers. He was successful in finding the ragtag display that had been squished behind other more summery goods. Between the oars and tiki torches, there they were … a box of light sabers.

Since Costco has such a lenient return policy and I’m a firm believer in my father’s credo of “if-you-see-something-you-like-buy-it-now-because-it-might-not-be-here-when-you-get-back”, we loaded two of the most pristine boxes into our mostly impulse-buy laden trolley and headed for the check-out lanes.

Later than night, when GC finally excavated the box that contained the batteries, we loaded up the sabers and turned them on.

Holy fucking laser sword *eye roll at that term* … they were so cool.

When switched on, the sound effect is pitch perfect and the blade ignites from hilt to tip as if it were real. For the record, we switched them on in the dark to see what it would look like …

completely and utterly sweet.

When you move the blade around, you hear swooshes of electrical energy humming and if you slice it through the air, the sound corresponds with your movements of the blade. These were constructed to be collector’s items, not for children so the possibility of a full-on smack down duel might be better left for a wholly plastic version not as costly. That said, when you (gently) strike an item or another blade (like we had to do … c’mon, you’d have done it too!) – you get that satisfactory auditory jolt. And when you have had your fun, and have decided to place it in its prop holder, extinguishing the blade is as equally satisfying as the ignition … the blade’s light slowly fades out and the sound diminishes accordingly.

You remember the films from the 70s, the first foray into sci-fi for some us, the first film that you may have watched again and again and again and again. I had a Star Wars metal lunch box that I took faithfully to school and I’d delight when my father would give me those wax packs trading cards with the facsimile of pink stick bubble gum stuck to one of the cards. Now I’m not going to go down the road of bashing of the last 3 films because it’s been done to death … I have my hard-won laserdiscs of the original ones where there was no question as to who shot first and I’ll pick and choose what memorabilia I might buy, I’m not that bad of a fangirl to buy it all because I love it all. I’m not that stupid or easily manipulated.

But these, dear readers … these I had to have.

After toying with them and the video option on the camera (cool, cool, COOL but never for public consumption), I looked to see online and found they made a Darth Maul double bladed one. My face lit up until I realised how much it was. I settled back in near our roaring fire and mulled over the splurge of the Maul sabers. The perk of these being at Costco was they were about $40 cheaper than they’d be online …

either way, I’m glad we bought them even if I don’t get Maul’s. I might even pick up Mace Windu’s pimped out purple gold package on his saber …

but if I get Windu’s then I’ll have to get Maul’s! See how easily it is to justify 🙂

Seeya on the flip side 😉

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Meal: Annie’s Bunny Pasta + peas. I yearned to see bunny behinds in my bowl … 😉