Now I have Edge’s guitar riff playing through my head with that drum line … classic, classic stuff.

Heh. Sorry for the segue, back to the matter at hand. Today’s pictorial on the life of us. I shall begin with the most complete portion of our home, the closets engineered so wonderfully by IKEA and put together by GC (you guys by now should know what he looks like, so no linkage provided.)

I shall begin with my side, as all things begin with me. As I may have mentioned before, we decided to remove the white clothing rack in place in favour of STOLMEN, though in the black-brown combination versus the white.

At the very top of the system, you might be able to see the two silver shoe racks that run the entire length of the closet. There is also one on the bottom left side. The entire contents of the closet is indeed the red and black that I claim it to be, and I have posed my crazy and furry red boots that I picked up in Chicago at ALDO to depict my whimsy or something silly like that. They were one of those purchases that you can’t quantify but you just have to have it kind of thing. I was so tickled when they had the red ones in my size, I just handed the salesgirl my credit card as GC grinned at the sight of me hopping around the store in furry red boots. I’m thrilled that I now live in a climate where if I choose to wear these, I won’t have to wait until I travel … though I doubt I’d be wearing them while making a bread run at the market.

Or wait.

I might … šŸ˜‰

Here is a close-up of the drawers that we built and the cool thing is that they rest on lockable casters:

And here is GC’s closets. His is simply the mirror of mine, except his colours are green, grey, and black – concert and anime t-shirts notwithstanding (that goes for both of us, actually). But it’s nicely ordered this way, I think. He opted to do the trouser rack instead of the clothing pole that I chose, he has way more trousers than I do. And before a sharp-eyed reader points it out, he does own one red bowling shirt that I bought him that survived the great colour purge. His shirts also are on these cool hangers that hold six items per single hanger, I highly recommend them as space-savers. I only have a couple in mine but I think he has something like eight or nine.

Our lazy day found us in another park not far from the house. We took a drive and stumbled upon it – how cool is that? Golden Gardens Park rests right on Puget Sound with paths and grassy sandy dunes and bridges with a few of the locals congregating to swap gossip at their regularly scheduled meeting. In the distance, by where boats bobbed in their moorings, we heard either seals or sea lions (could not see them) barking in the distance. GC scurried along the water’s edge, hopping from rock to rock like a nimble goat. I however chose to sit on a felled tree trunk, inhaling the morning air to watch the waves lap softly at the rocks. I could hear the quacking behind me and the muffled barking from sea mammals blending together the way that the cacophony of nature does. It was peaceful as a few droplets of rain sprinkled down – downright poetic as I took it all in.

A little insouciant bird kept following me around, I paused to get a good look at him. He was this black bird with brilliant red plumage on his wings. A couple stopped to read the plaque and note this perky wee avian in his boldness. Since the gentleman had a set of binoculars around his neck, I asked him if he knew what kind of bird it was. He said it was a male Red-winged blackbird. He was eating peanuts in the shells and offered one out to this brazen fellow who fluttered close enough to snatch it before bolting with his treat. Here’s a picture of the guy before he won a peanut for his perseverance.

Leaving the park, I paused at a pedestrian crossing and saw a beautiful mosaic entrance to a bridge that I photographed here and here.

I know I promised a blog with wholesale light sabers and signage but I am being summoned for an early supper … besides, who wants to cook all the time!

Seeya on the flip side šŸ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. the aforementioned and albeit tardy blog will be done tomorrow whilst I have breakfast, I promise!

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