I was too irritated when it happened to write about it then, merely wanting the event itself to lessen with each passing day. Now that a week has passed, I feel emotionally able to post the photos and the events of 2006’s Bangtastic Mother’s Day at Our Place*!

*imagine ominous yet whimsical calliope music here … like a damned carousel careening out of control.

The time was around 0845 or so. I was nicely asleep when GC comes into the bedroom and rouses me gently. I am not so good with the early rising unless major fun is to be had hence the velvet glove treatment.

“Hun … ” he tentatively asked softly getting louder, “hun?”

“Mmmpf,” came my automatic response from under the plump down comforter.

“You need to wake up. No one is hurt but there’s been an accident … ” continued GC getting a little louder in his attempt to roust me from bed.

“Mmmpf?” I replied, forcing one eyelid to open slightly as the cat mews in irritation that we are disturbing his slumber.

” … just get dressed and come outside, okay?” asked GC as he exited the room.

I masochistically open both eyes simultaneously to the dim room, lit only by slivers of sunlight vainly trying to get through black-out cellular shades. I pull on “outside” pants (as they are called in this house) and a bra, because let’s face it, if you are anything over a B cup – you have time to harness those puppies. There’s no need for unsupported bosoms dancing free in the wind if one needs to run. I slide on my red Dickies, again thinking if I have to run, it’s best to be prepared, eh? Don’t ask me why the hell I thought I might be running at nearly nine in the morning but I was half-asleep and my racing planning for something exciting for my still asleep body …

As I walk out into the hallway, the sunlight streamed through the top of the fan-shaped window on the door. I squinted angrily at it like it had done the gravest of injustices and padded towards the garage to get my sunglasses from the car. Nicely rose-tinted, I made my way back through the house to the front where I stepped out to see GC on the landing peering at this:

And there it was.

Like absorbing a triple shot of firmly brewed espresso straight into my brain, my entire body snaps to full-on alertness as I ask him softly, “Um, what the hell happened to our fence?” In hindsight, I might have used the F one there, I don’t exactly recall the expletive.

He turned his back towards the street and began to explain: he was stirring in the guest room trying to decide if he was going to continue sleeping or wake up for the day. He had no idea what time it was but he knew it was early because he had not been asleep long. He fell asleep in there after playing many hours of Halo 2 … so when he heard something that sounded like a muffled crash, he did not think much of it. He then heard voices frantic, male and female somewhere in the distance, though he could not make out their words. He peered out the window and saw the back end of a red car parked weirdly on the gravel. He walked to the side of the house to investigate and he saw the product of 1 silver car plus 1 red car equals our fence’s loss.

He made sure everyone was okay and then decided to come in to wake me. I nodded and immediately went back inside to retrieve the camera. I won’t bore you fine readers with the ins and the outs, just the facts ma’am:

1. Unit One (single occupant female driver of red car) was cited by the officer at the scene for failure to control speed.

2. Unit Two (male father with wife plus their 2 girls) was not found at fault due to markings on the asphalt and the damage done to his car. Side note – the girls and mother were completely fine. The whole family was on their way to the zoo to celebrate Mother’s Day – what a shitty way to start it off.

3. Unit Three (us) was given the police report information and the instructions on how to obtain a copy in a few days. Officer S. went on to inform us that since Unit One was cited, it would be through her insurance that we might want to file.

4. Unit Two was able to leave the scene to meet with his family at the zoo, taken there by one of our neighbours who witnessed the crash while walking.

5. Unit One claimed she was “only going about 20 m.p.h.” when the other car “came into the intersection.” A point that made the officer laugh when he was repeating this to us because this …

does not happen at that speed.

They narrowly missed our fire hydrant, though I’m sure an arcing geyser of water would have just added some black comedy to the situation.

GC and I decided that since it was a phenomenally beautiful day, we’d go ahead and take showers and do something fun. We went and had breakfast at a place on Aurora … yumtastic omelette with sourdough toast for me and the monkey had buckwheat pancakes with bacon. Mmmm, I love going out for breakfast – it always puts me in a good mood even with my fence sagging slowly from its morning trauma. We realised that it was the best thing that no one was hurt, save things that could be replaced and that now we had a strong case for placing a traffic roundabout or speed bumps there. The city has since been called and is researching the matter. It looks like they might set up a radar there to count the cars and see what speeds people are going through the stupidly unmarked intersection … *headdesk*

Anyway, GC wanted to take me someplace special so he programmed something into Ms. Magellan (our handy dandy GPS system) and told me to follow her directions. We went here:

He remembered visiting this park on a middle school trip back when he lived over in the San Juans. I did some research on Gasworks Park when we got back home and learned a bunch of cool stuff. The whole park was twenty acres in total and they originally believed nothing would grow there due to soil contamination. It is on Lake Union and was opened to the public as a park in 1975. The area was originally the site of a coal plant that manufactured gas from coal. Over time, it became obsolete especially after the import of natural gas in the 1950’s. The boiler house now houses an outdoor cooking area and the former compressor building is now a children’s play barn. I must add way cool because it’s all painted technicolour and begs to be climbed on!

It is a gorgeous view of the city complete with tiny seaplane in the top right corner,

easy water access,

and lots of cool things to explore!

Conversations with the locals with some examinations of thesurroundings.

After our sojourn to the park and a few calls to the maternal units, we decided to go back home to enjoy the rest of our lazy Sunday. With the cars removed, we could see the damage to the fence but we weren’t going to let it irritate us no matter how trashy it looked.

Pretty huh? Since it happened, I have called the adjuster for Unit One several times this week only to be told that they are still determining fault. I so wanted to say, “Um, your fucking insured driver who doesn’t know how to slow the hell down through an intersection?” I’m being patient but if you know me, it’s really not one of my strengths. I am giving the adjuster until Tuesday to call me or to have obtained a police report. If I receive no call or e-mail by Wednesday, then I get to revel in the height of my P.M.S. rage and let them have it. And the fence continues to sag, only costing them more the longer they wait … because I refuse to have some half-assed patch job. No, sirree. I want the replacement cost for the damaged section and we plan to turn around and get a new fence completely. We’re thinking something like this:

or this:

I think that we might do something reinforced for that corner, like maybe some piled rocks or something. But I’ve been craving a new fence with a bit more privacy yet still something welcoming … if that makes any sense. Either way, my deep dark subliminal desire for a new fence has become a reality. GC said that I pulled a Damien and wished it to happen. Silly, silly mortal.

At some point later in the day, we ventured back out to do an errand in Bellevue, across the bridge we went. We picked up some drawer paper for the finishing touches on our closet (again, to be saved for a future blog entry) … at one of the stores we visited, I’m waiting in line to check out. My earpiece beeps at me to tell me I have an incoming call. It’s GC telling me to look to my right. I turn around and see this.

After letting a chortle loose, I scurried over to take that picture, which he obligingly posed for. Usually he groans when I want to take photos of him, but I try to tell him that he’s such a good subject that he should just get used to it after seven years. After our errands in suburbia, we decided to get a treat for the way home at Koots. GC got a matcha green tea ice cream waffle cone and I got a matcha smoothie with a ginger lemon muffin that was full of rind and candied ginger pieces. Sweet Louise, it kicked much ass.

I have definitely used up my alloted time here so I will leave the remainder for my next entry, perhaps later tonight. I am making a late dinner for us and I’ll get back to my BBC goodness.

Currently watching: The Singing Detective.

Meal: lean Angus burgers on cracked wheat buns with blue cheese crumbles, sauteed mushrooms with garlic (for me), and a nice baby leaf lettuce salad with some thick-cut potato wedges broiled with sea salt. Can you say yum? Yes, I think you can.

Seeya on the flip side 😉

p.s. There will also be a blog to follow involving light sabers and Costco and store signage which totally made me think of a friend of mine. So, as they like to say on the telly …

to be continued …