I meant to put that image on here for a few days now. A few days ago, I posted some random comedic ramblings from Greg Behrendt and I totally forgot to post the daily photographs from my so-called life.

Let’s begin the picturesque randomness, shall we?

We were gripped by a need for fish late Sunday and decided to go to our local bar. We had three rolls and some bowls of miso with tofu. A simple avocado roll and a nice Smoky Bear roll with cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado. Lastly, the piece de resistance, was a chef’s special roll with crab, cucumber, spring onion, fresh sweet shrimp on top crowned with two types of tobiko and served with shredded daikon.

GC was not a fan of the googly-eyed shrimp heads peering back at us, despite their artful pyramid. When I went to use the facilities, he joked that all the shrimp in the tank were cowering until we left because they were unsure which ones were next on the block. I could not take the survivors’ guilt from the other crustaceans in the tank. When we lived in Houston, we went out with some friends of ours for crawfish. GC had never had any but he figured that going with an Englishman and his Canadian wife might get him to try them. As a joke, Jeremy piled the heads on the edge of his plate so they’d all face GC … it was like some weirdly macabre ad for Cajun food.

But back to my ramble …

Back at home, I was attempting to do some journaling. Wonder Cat came in the room so he could see what mum was doing. He climbed all over me, trying to settle on a proper perch then settled right in front of the Mac where I was attempting to work. It was if he wanted to read my blog and chime in with supreme adorability! I take a break from writing and get wrapped up in watching Simon Callow’s Dickens and I look down to see this.

And on that, I think I will end this entry for now.

This Forsyte business is frightfully engaging. I really must return to watching …

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. Tune in next to see custom soaps that look good enough to eat … same bat-time, same bat-channel …

Currently watching: The Forsyte Saga, Series 1

DVD snack: 1 newly barely ripe banana + some squares of Dagoba chocolate.