We have hit a wall in the unpacking.

As in not doing any at all today or yesterday.

I have instead enjoyed taking the brief sojourn down to the Library and availing myself of their DVD library. Today I chose eight titles:

2 Poirot titles – Death on the Nile and Dumb Witness, The Forsyte Saga, Series I, Gilda, The Lost Weekend, Small Time Crooks, Mr. Skeffington, and Of Human Bondage.

I’ve finished the two Poirots and am about to start on Small Time Crooks. I think part of my supreme laziness has been because the world situation with oil and avian flu and Ahmadinejad and the whole immigration issue has just made me want to turn into a fucking ostrich for a few days instead of the current events diva that I usually am. I just wanted to order delivery food and watch DVDs til I could not do so any more.

For the first time in my life, I don’t live in a state that borders Mexico so I can’t tell you if the boycott made a difference here in Seattle. But images like this:

make you realise that it’s not just something that is easy to solve or can be changed overnight. I’m dealing with conflict on the whole immigration issue and had a really long talk with my mum earlier on the subject.

My mother’s family left post-Marcos Philippines to have a better life in America. The degreed relatives re-qualified in their fields and began to assimilate into the American culture. The ones with less education did jobs that no one else wanted to do because they knew they could get work as a chicken fryer at Church’s or as a janitor at Wal-Mart because they’d be willing to work for less just to get a foot in the door. They did what they had to do and learned English quickly because there was no bilingual education for Tagalog-speakers …

It was hard for my cousins who came here in the 90s. The eldest was a girl with her five brothers and like most immigrants, arrived with the promise of a better life. Anything other than what they left behind. The boys were given no choice but to hit the pavement running, learn English as fast as they could … because schoolwork were not included in their native tongue. The last time I saw them all over the holidays, I marveled at their assimilation, speaking several languages in addition to English and Tagalog.

Do I feel that English should be mandatory? Do I feel that there should be registering? Do I think that our borders should be locked down or that there should be more stringent entry requirements? I have no idea because I’m still mulling it all over …

On one of the boards I frequent, one of the members went off on a rant about Mexicans but “stopping before he says something he’ll regret” … but not before he launched into a non-thinly veiled diatribe about immigrants. It really rubbed me the wrong way … you know like when someone says “I like him, he’s pretty cool for a gay guy.” or “she’s not bad for a black girl.” What the fuck kind of mixed signal bullshit is that statement? If you are going to be a racist, just come right out and say it … don’t try to wrap it all up like you have a black friend and a gay friend AND and an insert nationality here friend. People like that also like to wrap their arguments up in the American flag (or Bible) and whinge about this and that. This country was built on the backs of immigrants who did the jobs that no one else wanted to do. The Chinese and the railroads in the West or the Irish manual labourers in the East, not to mention the countless illegals who pick our food, mow lawns or …

you know what? Fuck it. I did not mean to rant disjointedly all over the page here and quite frankly sitting in this position makes my back hurt and it’s utter crap for typing. I don’t know how I feel but I know that my perceptions and views are coloured by the fact that I myself am a first generation American, with a mother who was educated and literate. She was the one who taught me how to read before I went to school and the one who quizzed me on spelling words so I could win bees and become the Spelling Nazi I am today. Because of the emphasis my parents and grandparents placed on education and learning, they’ve turned me into the literate bitch I am today.

However that may be, this literate bitch that has opted to pause her ravings and return to her Woody Allen film now.

Seeya on the flip side πŸ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl who will blog again when she’s in a better frame of mind which in this place, will undoubtedly be soon.

Ciao for now kiddies and sorry for the surly.

Currently watching some Woody Allen and deciding if some hot tea + flan might make me less grumpy :P.