I having one right now.

A refreshing milk tea with fat glutinous lychee jellies in the bottom. GC tried one once and the look of distaste on his face was priceless. I tried to get him to try one of the lychee jellies, claiming it was a different consistency than the regular tapioca but he wasn’t buying it. He doesn’t care for custards or puddings either. He’s a cake + cookie man, pure and simple. No jiggly sweets for him, well … other than me, that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

And that last sentence nearly made me gag with the cuteness. Which means either it will get edited out on the read through or left in to be ironic. The latter only works if you know me, that is.

Anyway, I always like the cellophane on top of the sealed drinks when you get them. This one was mine and GC’s mum had this one, but hers was strictly a chocolate shake – no tapioca to chew gummily. I love the fact they are holiday ones for no apparent reason in the middle of Spring, then again, I am a certifiable goofball. It’s true. There are papers here somewhere in a box. We just haven’t unpacked it yet.

There was a Lollicup in Houston that we’d go to on the weekends before we embarked on errands and I’d sometimes splurge and get one of my favourite drinks ever – a strawberry snow bubble. There was a song made up about it that I’d sing in anticipation of this drink … it was that good.

“Strawberry snow bubble …
it gets me in a lotta trouble.
Strawberry snow bubble …
I gotta have one on the double.”

There’s choreography that goes along with it. Trust me. It’s amusing. I’m miming it now. You should see me. Anyway, this wonderful concoction was a flurry of icy pinkness with cream + strawberries + tapioca and I totally want one now just thinking about it. I’ll have to see if the places here can do one like it.

So what randomness can I share today before I am strong and make myself go be productive?

Let’s see …

This is nearby and on the list of places to check out. The jaw opens and closes during business hours, hypnotising you to come and buy healthy goodness. Sometimes I’ve driven by after hours and he is slack-jawed wide open. He must have such a headache or a righteous case of dry mouth in the morning. There is a smokehouse next door and while I don’t know if it can come close to Woody’s back in Texas, I’ll meander in to check out the homemade jerky. If you are a jerky fan, you owe it to yourself to try some of their buffalo jerky – it’s excellent!

Here is a close-up of the agape maw of the salmon … and how funny that the shot shows FOODS MAR – like foods of the sea! Completely unintentional, I just noticed that as I was resizing the image down. Random shit like that makes me smile, don’t ask me why.

Our day began here:

for some breakfast, er okay. Brunch. But there’s no rule that says pancakes had in the early afternoon can’t be breakfast, right? I enjoyed the hell out of “3 Pigs in a Blanket”, with the substitution for buckwheat instead of buttermilk pancakes. What a healthful way to gussy up sausage links … that way, I didn’t feel so bad when I drizzled warm syrup all over their buckwheat pants. Mmmmmmmm, nice way to start my afternoon with dressed up pigs in edible trousers.

And I just realised that my blog is following no set pattern of chronological time today, in fact … it seems to be completely backtracking as I continue to type. Since I having trouble with the retelling of linear time, I’m going to heed the summons to get off the Mac to finish with the last bit of the STOLMEN. And when Green Lantern GermanCity walks in looking like this, who am I to ignore his request for assistance.

The Lantern Corps Needs You!

Seeya on the flip side ๐Ÿ˜‰
– GreenLanternCorpsGirl

Currently listening: Samurai Soul by Ulfuls.

Meal: Still full from the milk tea + brunchy goodness.