So that gorram food poisoning truly kicked my arse up one way and down another. Wow. I had not been that sick since a formerly favourite noodle house in Houston tried to kill us a few days before we moved to PHX. It was that kind of sick where you lie or sit or lie where you fall on the floor of the bathroom, praying for the pain to just go the fuck away … you know, like when you make a deal with Gee-dash-dee that you’ll never drink again if he will just get you through that night as you sprawl clutching the bowl for support thankful that you keep your toilet clean enough for your face to be that close …

At least, I had a buddy during my infirmity. He kept coming to be with me when I was lying down … I love that about animals, I felt like utter shite but there he was to hang with mum even when he grew tired of gazing at my forlorn countenance.

Oh yeah, I took these while he was napping. I love that little guy.

Anyway, onto cheerier topics! Wait, how can anything more cheerier than cute cat pix! Heh. My new sheets came today. I have never loved sheets more than these.

Aren’t they cool as hell? We have the red ones on the bed now with the grey ones tucked away in the closet for later. Oh yeah, these are the matching pillow shams …

GC thinks they are groovy too and now that we’ve decided to go graphically insane with bedding, he is sending me links here and there for this site and that one. I’m way lucky to have a guy with design sense. Doesn’t he look adorable, full of tea and sushi … and looking rather smug!

We’re making slow but steady progress with the closets. We’ve decided to go a different route, but I’ll save that for an entirely new and gripping blog entry about yes, closets. I have three boxes left to unpack in the kitchen. I never realised how much storage space I gave up from the townhouse to here but I can deal with it … seriously, I can. I checked the temps in PHX compared to here and yeah, all good … less storage space, no problem.

Last photo and comment of the day. I remembered to take a photo of the odd little sign in the window of our neighbourhood Chinese restaurant.

Of course. How silly of me!

They can handle the hungry ones but the extra hungry ones need to be patient and queue up in the fenced lot. And if that craving for bamboo hits that many voracious pandas at once, that fence is all that will keep them from us.

Them from us.

Yeah, you know how they can be.

You’ve seen them eat. PBS nature programmes or when they lull you into that false sense of security at the zoo.

No, no, no.

Don’t look at them, just walk by slowly …

ever so slowly, eyes ahead.

They can smell the fear.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. You know you guys missed me.

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