I am phenomenally tired.

I will oblige the tagger’s request by answering the question, naming a few others as per the instructions … and then post later my photographic record of our daily after a little sleep. Contractor coming at 0800. Don’t those bloody people sleep in?

Anyway, the question put to me was: what are the 6 weirdest/oddest things about me?

Ha! Just six?

In no particular order, off the top of my very tired mind:

– I have to wash my hands after going shopping because I feel so grimy after touching things.

– I dab Mentholatum under my nose before I sleep.

– My clothes in the closet all have to face the same way.

– I can remember within five spaces where a particular CD or DVD is in our collection despite its immense size.

– I compulsively buy a bottle of cold water when leaving stores even though as it’s being rung up, I remember I prolly have one IN the car.

– I believe in ghosts and have had several encounters with them.

According to Collin – you are to list your 6 weirdest/oddest things about you, even if they are secrets and then tag seven people.

1. Pam
2. Rihk
3. Lost
4. JenMuse
5. Sean
6. Juha
7. Texas Grrl

Me sleep now.
Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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