(I am pre-dating this blog entry because it was written on Tuesday though I did not get to paste it over here … )

To get my mind off my letter from the IRS, the monkey and I embarked out into the world of sun and breeze. We began at our neighbourhood favourite and learned that Kyung works lunchtimes so we’ll prolly stick to lunches here, since she’s so sweet!

Me – pork curry katsu, rice, and salad.
GC – chicken bento and all that implies.

Since we were the last lunch patrons, Kyung locked up while we finished. I took this opportunity to take some pictures of the place. They have a great little traditional room where we want to take guests when they visit. I love the cubbies underneath for shoes and the extra-long shoehorn that you can see to the right of the doorframe. There’s a little Tengu that I enjoy eating under and if you are remotely curious, go here. On the sushi bar itself, a traditional Japanese couple relaxing after a warm day! It just struck me as amusing – the way they are camped out in front of the fan like when everyone leaves, he turns it on for her with his left foot. Yeah, I’m silly, I know.

We finished our last cup of green tea, we headed out into the world to do some shopping for the house. Lately, it’s either unpacking, buying stuff for the house, or eating out. I suppose I should not complain or anything, it’s not like I have to wake up early and wrestle with some harsh-ass commute.

After our late lunch, we decided to take a drive with no particular place to go. We wound our way through neighbourhoods, giving a running critique of this house and that – our usual repartee to bolster whatever we are discussing at the moment. We saw some amazing bamboo in someone’s yard, as thick as a soft drink can – pale with striations of green. It was so beautiful that I had to circle the block to look at it again. I hope with GC’s mom visiting this week, we can get some bamboo planted but I’m not pushing – I know she’s here to soak up the area and check it all out.

We found ourselves back at Carkeek and as we walked around, we heard the distinctive sound of a train in the distance. We stood on the bridge that spans the tracks and saw one parked. We could see another one coming on the empty track. It dawned on me that my camera was in the car so I went back down and then back up again to get some pictures of the train.

Standing there on the bridge, vibrating from the sheer force of the hurtling train below … I immediately thought of the old movies where the gangs of scalawag bandits jumped on while it was moving. I saw Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson brawling … and then realised that trains from way back when went way slower than nowadays … and that movies make things like that look so easy. In reality? You would so get hurt!

After our sojourn to the park to sigh and marvel where we live (no real clue on when this will end), we decided to head to Lowes and return some organisational baskety things that were too tall for our needs. On our way there, I made a stop at a cemetery I have noticed on my way in and out of Seattle. The impressive rows of symmetrical white headstones reminded me of Arlington so since we had some time, I wanted to stop.

The first thing we saw driving around the windy roads of the cemetery was a rather large statue depicting a WWI “Doughboy.” The inscription is a truncated history of the statue. I found this afterwards when I wanted to learn more.

And as logic would dictate, I thought of my father and the stalwart love he had for this country, flaws and all. How tall he would stand when he sang the National Anthem or how he joined the Navy because he just inherently knew it was the right thing to do. How he’d mist up when watching Mister Roberts after laughing the whole way through or how reflective his face would get when he’s tell me about his Navy days especially towards the end. I felt the warmth in my cheeks, the involuntary downward tug at the corners of my mouth, the tears flow … and there on a Spring day in Seattle – I let the feeling wash over me amidst those stark white markers. It wasn’t one of those “I-miss-my-father” moments that sneak up on me now and again, more of this clear and present reminder of what others have sacrificed to give me the freedom I enjoy.

I could not capture all of them so I just end this with the ones that I did photograph.

Seeya on the flip side,
– GermanCityGirl 😉

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