We were awakened by IKEA delivery-men today. When will the deliveries stop?!?! Tomorrow we get more shelving and then Tuesday, Costco is coming back out with my hopefully non-scratched new dryer. When they delivered the set last week, the driver saw that the front glass was scratched. Since I was not going to get a discount on the defect, I wanted a shiny new one for the money, if you get what I mean. So the washer is standing alone on the pedestal, waiting for its cohort to take its place right beside him on HIS pedestal. I don’t think there are any deliveries on Wednesday, though we meet our pest control guy then and on Thursday, GC’s mum comes for her inaugural visit to see her new artist’s studio. She is going to be blown away, seriously. Her new fridge was delivered yesterday along with ours and it’s like the mini-version of ours (black all over with the stainless steel doors). Hers does not have the ice maker and water in the door but she didn’t need a full-size … but I digress.

Okay. Today. Sunshine all over the place here today after a weekend of rain. It was marvelous! We headed down to our sushi place for their Sunday happy hour and treated our tummies! And here’s me being the explanation gal:

In the 1st pic: there was tamago (egg), ebi (shrimp), sake (salmon), tekka (tuna), and hamachi (yellow tail).

In the 2nd pic: one of their house special rolls with tobiko (roe) and sake (salmon) with spicy sauce and rolled in panko then flash fried, and the other roll was tuna, green onion, daikon, and silvered cucumber with a dusting of sesame seeds.

In the last pic: a simple avocado roll and one with spicy salmon, green onion, cucumber and green onion. Our bill? It was nicely under $25.00 including green tea and miso. Yeah, I love where I live now.

After we enfattened ourselves like otters with fish, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and seek out our local parks that were close to the house. We went to Carkeek Park first and were blown away by the supreme beauty that is less than two miles away.

It was easy to find parking because the park has several tiered parking areas around the various park sites. We drove around before settling close to the Sound and as we exited the car, we came across a little woodland creature just relaxing with a nut. Now why take so many pictures, you might ask? GC was getting closer and closer with each picture and he wanted to make sure he got a good one, so I figured why the heck not show the stalking of Chip during his lunch.

There was a bridge to get over to the water’s edge, GC paused in his realisation that we really do live here and we don’t have to go back anywhere other than our home where a Nub awaits us, wanting to know why he did not get any sushi. After some exploration in the sunshine, basking in the beauty of the Sound, we were full of smiles and fish, like otters happily tied to kelp. There was a nice plaque in front of a bench that I stopped to sit and take in the sights.

So after giddily walking around, meeting people’s dogs and watching children flying kites, we left and headed over to Bitter Lake, a park even closer to our home. GC wants to buy a small canoe built for two and take it out during the summer months. It would be a good way to work out, enjoy nature and not feel like you are working out … so he wanted to check it out to see where we might launch from. As we walked around, I saw some cool texture on the ground near one of the benches and the water was doing this cool rippling thing where the concentric circles mesmerized me with their patterns til pairs of mating ducks would swim by … it was very Zen to watch the patterns shift and move in the wind.

We decided three hours was enough out in the world and we were starting to feel like we needed to get back to the unfrackingpacking that is our daily axe to grind. So we left and returned home, expecting to see an admonishing glare from the cat who usually is extra-lovey when we’ve had the sushi. Instead, I walk into our room to see this:

he was sound asleep on my red thermal shirt. He prolly enjoyed the peace from the sounds of GC’s drill and my Dyson-ing.

Okay, kiddies.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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