I hate it when I can tell that I am going to get sick. It’s a few moments after midnight on Easter Sunday and I have that scratchy throat that is the tell-tale sign of sick in the vicinity. It’s like with all of the adrenaline of going, going, going … my body knows that with everything delivered (barring the two IKEA deliveries on Sunday and Monday), it can let that sickness out and be free. Blech.

We found another kick-ass Chinese place 2 miles away and they deliver too. I had a seafood hot pot, Szechwan style with so much goodness and spice that it literally made my eyes water from the tongue-searing heat and flavour! I’ve moved to nirvana, honestly I think I have … sushi within walking distance and not one, but TWO places that have great food and that deliver with $10.00 minimums … ahhhh, big city life!

Anyway, this will be a bloggie quickie because I am going to crawl into bed and try to sleep for more than 5 hours. I just wanted to post a random bit of weirdness that I stumbled upon while unpacking. I buy a fair amount of things from Japan and sometimes HK, these were used as packing materials and I recycled them to cushion some bowls …

Maybe you guys can come up with why the caption on these air-filled sausagey packing tubes read “BOY PAD” … and they are attached like a cartoon version of sausages, all attached together from end to end … or like air-filled intestines!

Seeya on the flip side, hopefully not infested with the plague.
– GermanCitySquirrel

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Before-bed-snack: glass of POG and some Benadryl.