I had started this blog last night, er rather early this morning.

In my zeal to open apple+W several extraneous windows, I closed the half-done blog.


Resembling an idiot, I crawled into bed (with those soft jersey knit sheets) and passed out until just now when the chipper IKEA home delivery girl called me to tell me the time window when the guys would arrive. A few things to mention before I get to the posting of what I wanted to yammer about in the original posting.

One, IKEA Seattle is a franchise store and every single person we’ve encountered there has been exemplary in their friendliness and customer service. GC asked one of them why the heck they were so cheery and she explained that they are treated really well, get to wear IKEA red versus the blue, and they like working there. It was refreshing to have good customer service from both young and old, when going in there to shop.

Two, sleeping when it’s cold outside. I had forgotten what this felt like, nestled and tucked away in downy goodness. It’s been in the 40s here at nighttime and we’ve had the heat on and I know I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that … in APRIL! In the course of our relationship, we’ve lived places where the a/c was mandatory at the end of spring, if one could laughingly call it that.

When the servicemen came out to make sure our a/c was up and running, they connected everything together and realised that the old-school single dial Honeywell wouldn’t work sooooo, they installed this groovy little digital guy that is able to schedule your temperatures for a week at a time. For example, say that you know that you get warm in the middle of the night, you can set it to lower the heat during a range of time as well as set it to warm the house (or cool) for when you return home, if you’ve been out. They joked with me that I jinxed the thermostat on purpose so they’d have to install the cool one that they were telling us about. I asked about upgrading one as they were hooking things and checking everything out, I … and they said that it would be no problem to come back out and install a new one.

Okay, now, onto the original posting!

We ventured into the closest Chinese food place based on a few online recommendations. The food was good enough to merit a definite sequel to try another couple of their entrees. I will never frequent a place if they cannot get veggies right … there’s nothing worse than overcooked vegetables in Chinese cooking. Blech, indeed! I do want to add that Chef at Wok got it RIGHT and they deliver! If you could see me doing the happy-at-home-seat-dance, you’d know how glad that made us.

It’s nothing fancy inside. There are wall cardboard painted sconces that hold plastic flowers and simple stacking metal/foam chairs. It is plainly decorated but if the food’s good – I’ve never cared about style over the food quality. GC has always held to the truth that the inverse ratio of decor and food is very true with Chinese restaurants. If it’s a grand affair with jade figurines and waterfalls with brass cranes, chances are the food will be overpriced and less good than the place with plastic tablecloths and the two menus for their guests.

Our favourite Cuban place back in Phoenix had some tacky-decor straight outta Miami Vice with the neon, glass walls and the Nagel-esque art … “her name is Rio and she dances on the sand … ”

So with bellies full of shrimp with green beans in X.O. sauce and gingered beef, we decided to make a repeat pilgrimage to IKEA to pick up our new shelving system. The stuff is called STOLMEN and we are going to outfit all 4 closets in the home with it, and a good portion of the wall space around the home. We are going with the black-brown shelving which for the life of me, I can’t seem to find an online photo. But don’t fret, fair readers, when some of it is up … there’ll be photos!

Before leaving AZ, we bought some shelving that we left flat-packed for ease of transport. We purchased the EXPEDIT and have decided to buy another set of these to have two of them, side by side on the far wall of the media room. I will have my vinyl stored in the bottom, in these red translucent boxes called LEKMAN and the albums fit perfectly. I will now be able to stretch my books across more shelving to have that not-so-crammed look which makes me the happy. Again, when developments occur, I will document them faithfully because I’m enjoying this whole work in progress thing!

After GC went through and pulled all the shelving that we are going to need, we bought it all. We made our way over to furniture pick-up where after a while, they drove out a small pallet of boxes. Yes, a pallet’s worth of shit was supposed to fit in my xB. So we went outside and proceeded to snipe grouchily at each other while we fit pieces together like one big ass game of Jenga-Tetris … or some hybrid like it. We got the most we could pack into my car and the back end was nearly draggin’ like it had been dropped.

We drove oh-so-slowly home and decided to stop at our neighbourhood sushi joint, Haroo! We decided to get a few of the chef’s specials to treat ourselves after the pain-in-the-arse IKEA packing experience. Clockwise from the top, we had a spicy maguro roll with tobiko + green onion drizzled in some spicy sauce; then another spicy roll topped with sake, with ebi + avocado + mushroom inside; at the bottom there is a simple sake roll; and finally all the way to the left lies the Smoky Bear: their version of a Philadelphia roll but with extra sake on top of the roll for double salmony goodness. They also added a thin sliver of cucumber inside to give it extra crunch which was yumtastic, as you might be able to deduce.

Anyway, this has been a super-sized entry for today because like I said, my fingers work faster than my brain sometimes … and I’m ending this now because I have a lot of work to do.

Seeya on the flip side dear reader 😉
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. And because I feel like ending this entry on a happy note … here’s something that always can make me smile.

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