I bought these pretties at the Market yesterday and they were too colourful with their different hued rock sugared exteriors so being the geek that I am, I snapped a few pics of them. They were moist butter cookies that weren’t all processed and fake-tasting like those Danish butter cookies that people always have around the holidays. Blech. So anyway, the title of today’s blog was their caption on their plastic prison and they were made fresh at the market only 1 mile away. Maybe when I get some confidence about cycling on main roads, I might look into biking down there so I won’t feel bad about giving into those damn bakery goods.

And here’s a picture of our new coir doormat that we picked up at Cost Plus, one near you …

it’s made of coconut husks so it’s all natural and sheddtastic. But I liked the design on it so it found its way into our cart with the bottles of Torani since our Italian soda addiction is growing. Side note, if you have never splurged and made yourself one of these, go and find some and do it now. They are refreshing and not as sweet as regular sodas … nice in the summer time while sitting outside being laze-a-rific.

Today was spent doing housey things, as I think the rest of April will be. It’s not too bad though, it’s OUR house after all! The rep from the custom blinds company came to give her presentation. We ended up changing our mind from the roman shades that we wanted everywhere to these really cool black-out cellular shades in a subdued dove grey for all 15 of the farking big-ass windows in the home. I knew it was going to be expensive to get what we wanted – cordless, black-out, subdued fabric … but why the hell does it seem that the modern and subdued costs far more than the tacky-ass shit that seems to be everywhere? One would think that the less busy a fabric is, the cheaper it would be to produce but noooooo. Of course not so I parted with several k worth of cheddar to get what we wanted because I was not going to do this twice … plus it’s all energy efficient and simple – which is what we wanted.

Okay, I’ve yammered on enough about my day … here’s two pix of my monkey doing monkey-like fixings on our exterior. He replaced the mailbox yesterday with one of those lockable bad boys that won’t allow roving hands to be able to snag our Netflix or GameFly titles. Today was changing the numbers on the house to ones that we preferred to the plain ones left by the previous owners … I think he’s trying to find the old nail that flew out when he extracted the zero … and if you look really close, you can see our SOLD sign in the window! Oh and one last thing, I learned something cool about our trash cans! The contractor that worked on the remodel built that little gate and raised platform for them … on trash days, all we have to do is unhinge the latch and roll them straight onto the side of the street – no lifting, no maneuvering, no struggle. How damn cool is that?

Seeya on the flip side my sweet sugary bunny Peeps 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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