Today I took GC to the Target near our new home so he could marvel in the whole trolleys taking the escalator thing. Not really, we needed things like cleaning supplies and storage totes for the garage … new house stuff! The fact there was a miracle of modern tech was just a perk ;). I took more photographs of these but am just posting this one now … maybe in tomorrow’s blog, I’ll link the other ones. People kept looking at me weirdly when I was poised to snap the pictures, like I was some stalker or something. Yeah, right. I’m a stalker with a fetish for escalators.

It’s really too cool for words. You load your cart on at the same time when you get on and the pair of you travel up or down to your destination. It must be timed that you move a few seconds faster so you can beat your trolley down to collect it before continuing to shop on the next level … and doesn’t GC look so thrilled that I am taking his picture.

After getting the things on the ever-growing list, we played around in the Lawn and Garden Section longer than we prolly should have been … and then we saw them. The gnomes, artfully arranged by yours truly to mimic a good old fashioned Chorus Line.

As I’m having Gnome-fun, the dawning realisation of garden statuary love hits me. Imagine seeing each other across a green field of grass, while the flowers intoxicate the air with their sweetness – beckoning for all those around to fall in love with spring and each other … it might simply be too much for these little guys to fight off …

and then this happens.

Sweet, sweet gnome love. Could anything else illustrate Spring more?

And oh yeah, Lucas has

Who the hell green-lit that? Did I miss those in the films? The Rebels on their choppers and Vader just being a prick and force-pushing the parked cycles over? *headdesk*

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl who needs much sleep.

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