So today was productive as all get out … went to Ballard and checked out the neighbourhood Scream. It’s closer to the house than driving to Capitol Hill, then fighting for parking. The roots are nicely nuclear red again and the tips are back to their fiery goodness, none of this pinky-blondey shite that it faded to in recent days. If I get too warm from the dye on my scalp, there’s pink perspiration! It usually takes two washings to get it to not rinse pink anymore … the first few nights after a dye job, I usually awaken with pink on my forehead or cheek from rolling over on freshly reddened locks!

But anyway, I digress.

On my way back, I stopped by a place right near the house. I’m still marveling at saying THE HOUSE and all, so yeah anyway – cherry blossom trees. I’ve seen pictures of them in bloom and have a vague memory of seeing them back in high school during the Close-Up trip to D.C. but wow! I had a little moment standing under them on the parking lot incline when the wind gusted through causing the petals to flutter down every so softly. It was like feeling the first few droplets of a summer rain on your face or when you eat the first bite of a warm melty dessert juxtaposed with something cold like a scoop of ice cream. It was magical to have the dying petals at my feet, the vibrancy of the pink around me, with the flowers drifting down … to show how fleeting life is and all that introspective jazz that comes with thoughts like that.

It filled me with this sense of sigh and longing to be in a huge park of these, petals drifting down soft and languidly.

Ahhhh – that’s the best I can do right now. Ahhhh.

Seeya on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl-chan

Currently listening: Daybreaker by Beth Orton.

Meal: Perhaps something from the market, I’ll see what strikes GC’s fancy.