After a long day of packing and getting all sweatastic, we ended the evening with long showers and a leisurely walk over to Golden Buddha for a hard earned dinner. Our meal for the night? For starters, we began with the fried quail for GC and I had a pair of bite-sized shrimp and green onion spring rolls. The main courses was a one-two k.o. punch of Sizzling Filet Mignon with Black Pepper and Roasted Pork Lo Mein. *Insert sigh here* There’s nothing better than well-prepared food when you are hungry and too tired to cook. The whole luxury of someone bringing it to you with iced water and hot tea. Ahhh, bliss.

Their food is yumtastic. We went here for Nywoe’s farewell dinner and we can’t believe we never went sooner. In our own defense though, the restaurant that was here previously was less than stellar so we did not want to be disappointed with lackluster expensive food. We’ve decided that each day after a full day of packing, we will walk over there to reward ourselves for a good job done well. We won’t have to cook, or rather I won’t have to cook!

And after that meal, I was glad we walked over there! The walk back was pleasant and not unpleasing, sated bellies starting to digest as we meandered slowly home. I can’t really believe that in a few days, I will be in another city that I used to visit yearningly and now that is my home. It doth boggle my wee mind, in fact! We’ve got a charity coming tomorrow to get the items that did not sell and it kinda feels good to think that a young couple starting out might find the beauty in the items that we’ve so lovingly taken care of … not some bargain-hunter who will turn around and sell it for a profit. Either way, I’m telling myself the things will go to a good home and I know we’ve done the good deed.

No one is awake over on the AZ boards right now. I know it is IS nearly 0300 but hell, this is what happens when I split a pot of oolong with the monkey. I’m just not used to caffeine anymore. Now, I’m up late wanting to do something other than pack.

I’m going to finish bubble-wrapping Buddha. Once he’s nicely bubbled, he will be swathed in many towels. Buddha was one of the last things GC and I purchased before leaving Houston for here. It seems fitting that he continue with us to our new home. He rode with us in the car when we moved last. This time, he’ll be in the hands of our capable movers.

Seeya on the flip side, hopefully far less caffeinated ;)!
– GermanCityGirl

p.s. This was our going-away cake that Tisha made. One damn fine piece o’ pastry that will give us sugar-rushes and nourishment as we continue to pack!

Currently listening: Witching Hour by Ladytron.

Meal: Really good Chinese food and a slice of cake.