I’ll write more on tonight later but I just wanted to transcribe this simply beautiful poem that was written for me and read to me at my farewell dinner tonight. This was probably the most touching thing a new friend or old friend has ever done for me and I nearly cried but with everyone facing me at the head of the table, I held back because I’m a sentimental goof, I know. Anyway, enjoy. I’m going to fall sleep with a bellyful of Cuban food goodness, sweet cake, and the satisfaction that I am loved.

An Ode to Green

In honour of your move to the Pacific Northwest
April 2006

I’m not afraid of cliches.
Call out the tender musings on
the fierce fragility of new leaves
luminous tranquility of dew-dappled grass
angels dancing on the tips of pine needles
millions of them dancing
a festival of pine and cedar and spruce
with all their forest kin enamoured.

No, I’m not too special to avoid them
those cliches that mist my inhalation
of green moods and places; lush
in the company of ephemeral kimidori
and heady midori, the qing blue-green of
dragon scales or cool jade soothed in its own
mystery. Let me be one of those silky poets
lost in the grasses of my dreams, pondering
maps to emerald isles with loves arriving in
drops of summer rain. Don’t let me make
sense of it all; I want to get tangled in roots
changing like a gecko into shady fronds
and back again: pure playtime being me.

The Heart chakra pulses green.
My eyes are ever drawn to its vibration.
I can’t not see the green in you – the heart of you
comes through, undenied. You can’t not
be seen, be loved.

Here stands (or sits, or surfs,
or drives, and sometimes flies)
our Kristine who heeds her cravings well:
a green calling answered! Yet
there’s no martian hue on her. No echo
of the sly tomatillo in its husk, nor neon
glow of lime sorbet. Her fashion sizzles pink;
hot copper red, carbonated with orange crush
off-set by a pupil-black clarity and style.
Warmed by a Browncoat aura,
not greenly naive but worldly and
shiny to those her presence.
She has tasted the bitter greens of loss
and found some vitamin there to nurture
new seedlings of passion and joy
with hedonistic tunes defined by
an authentic self.

from Laurie.

See you on the flip side πŸ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl duly touched by this outpouring of affection.

Currently listening: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Meal: a bevy of Cuban delights including platanos, black beans + rice, pork loin, and others. It was a shared meal with good friends.