I’m knackered.

Between packing all day to trying not to climb stairs unless I have to, I’m completely beat.

Today was spent walking around IKEA trying to visualise what this, that and the other will look like in the new home. We walked around, no consideration for time or prices – so we could get an idea of what might work and you know what? It’s tiring! We are getting rid of our Dromminge in lieu of MySinge. I’m such a pack rat that I don’t want to give it up despite knowing it’s not the best sofa for the new space and that it is an older sofa … gah! The new ones will serve the same purpose – to allow us to stretch out while we watch movies or play video games while having better flow for conversation. I need to learn to let go of things but I want to keep it ALL! He was successful in getting me to let go of my black shelving because I have some cool new shelving flat packed still and ready to go from IKEA.

Ahhh, IKEA. I love Ligne Roset but they are too freaking expensive! I’m having this virtual garage sale that thankfully some of my online friends are interested in. Becky liked my groovy desk so that is soon to be gone and Tisha is buying some shelving for her family. A couple of people have expressed interest in the other shelving and the CD racks … I cannot believe we are leaving in less than a week …

so why the hell am I blogging?!? I need to sleep before I doze off where I sit. More packing tomorrow before our farewell shindig at our favourite Cuban restaurant, and then movers come soon. We’re getting more of a send-off from PHX than we ever did from HOU. I genuinely hope I keep in contact with the friends I’ve made here, despite only seeing them a few times.

See you on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: Penalty Life by the Pillows. If you’ve never heard any Pillows music, please check them out – they are amazing and one of those bands who is on the list of those to see live …

Meal: Chicken marsala + rice, grilled veggies with a buttered roll.