GC and I could not take the cabin fever any more so we went for some Cuban food goodness at this place over on Camelback. A while back, I wanted something other than our usual fare. Through the mighty power of the interweb, ta-da, we found a place. Such good food there and the waiter is getting to know us because a few moments after we sat down, soon arrived my glass of iced water with extra lemon wedges. Ahhh … familiarity. I love places that remember my specific beverage quirks like citrus fruits and ice, it makes me loyal.

Insert much chatting and grazing for about two hours … and afterwards, we found ourselves at Target so we could walk around and impulse buy as we waddled off our late afternoon meal. We did not gorge but it was enough to warrant a walk afterwards lest we fall asleep from the comfort.

Impulse buy we did. LEGOS and one of these for the xB. It’s a blast! We also splurged on another projector to test out because Sanyo’s customer service and repair fees suck. It going to take them even longer than they said because the part is being imported from Japan, which means China, which means the damn thing is taking the proverbial slow boat and we’ve got nothing to watch stuff on.

Our lives are hard, I know.

My shopping pièce de résistance was definitely this:

Oh there will be baked breakfast goods tomorrow for me and GC, I can feel it in my kawaii bones. I can visualise the creation now – strawberries will be involved.

See you on the flip side, strangely wanting to pour some batter 😉
– GermanCityGirl

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