Well, we are taking a short break from bingeing on DVD telly! We are in the felicitous process of digesting discs 3 and 4 of Veronica Mars Season One and whoo! I am hooked on these characters. I wanted to take a moment to check e-mail and I thought since I not updated in a few days, I would do so by singing the praises of this little show and its band of quirky characters.

Like, Lost: Season One, we have avoided spoilers like the clichéd plague so we have been batting around the theories about who did what to whom and so on …

Thus far in media res, our theories are that:

1. Duncan and Veronica are not related, it was just something that mum told him to break it off with her … now as far as why? Maybe it was jealousy over the former relationship between Jake and Lianne or maybe it is just wanting someone of similar status for her son.

2. Weevil did not have anything to do with Lily’s death – he simply was a fling who may or may not have been loved by her. Confrontation to finally ensue between Logan and Weevil though … maybe leading to something else bigger?

3. The Kane parents might not have had anything to do directly with Lily’s death but they sure like hell covered it up. I personally think they have told the son that he did it and they are protecting him to keep him on a short leash but hey, that’s just me thinking those people are a pair of twisted sisters.

4. Veronica was sexually assaulted by … okay, this one not so concrete yet and still working through the usual suspects.

5. Logan and Veronica – short-lived at best, I think. The fates seem to be pushing Veronica and Duncan back towards each other, again why I think they are not related.

6. Alicia and Keith – interesting pairing though we could see it coming. I don’t know how it will play out if Lianne returns to Neptune. Will Keith leave Alicia in favour of making it work with the wife? I’d be surprised if he did because he does not seem to be holding a torch for her but then again, I have been wrong before.

7. I will have to write more later, I am being summoned back to the sofa for more Neptune soap opera goodness.

See you on the flip side 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Addendum: Despite myself, I am indeed crushing on Logan. I know the character is phenomenally pricktastic at times but I can’t help myself … I’m smitten with that smug mug!

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