It has been raining uncharacteristically all day today.

From my second-story window views tucked safely inside, it would seem wholly an entirely different city altogether had one not known the better of it. I can so tell I have been watching Austen for the past few days, it just makes you want to lapse in period-speak and specifically the way Jane turns a phrase. It’s been Pride and Prejudice, the one with Colin Firth – a right perfect Mr. Darcy indeed if there ever was.

The Austen-fest began with checking one of my usual sites, the best news source for us common Muggles. I was looking at the photos from the film and some behind the scenes ones.

How weird to see a smiling Snape! Anyway, so my stream of consciousness mind fast forwards to the various characters in GOF and then Emma Thompson. It was, and still is, raining, I thought her Austen movie was a wise choice for this wonderfully grey day …

Before I make some lunch, I wanted to leave this entry with Thompson’s wonderful Golden Globes acceptance speech … it’s rather droll, if I dare say myself.

“Thank you very much. Good Heavens. Um, I can’t thank you enough, Hollywood Foreign Press, for honoring me in this capacity. I don’t wish to burden you with my debts, which are heavy and numerous but, um, I think that everybody involved in the making of this film knows that we owe all our pride and all our joy to the genius of Jane Austen. And it occurred to me to wonder how she would react to an evening like this … and this is what I came up with.

‘Four a.m., having just returned from an evening at the Golden Spheres, which despite the inconveniences of heat, noise and overcrowding was not without its pleasures. Thankfully, there were no dogs and no children. The gowns were middling. There was a good deal of shouting and behavior verging on the profligate, however, people were very free with their compliments and I made several new acquaintences. There was Lindsay Doran of Mirage, wherever that might be, who’s largely responsible for my presence here, an enchanting companion about whom too much good cannot be said. Mr. Ang Lee, of foreign extraction, who most unexpectedly appeared to understand me better than I understand myself. Mr. James Shamis, a most copiously erudite person and Miss Kate Winslet, beautiful in both countenance and spirit. Mr. Pat Doyle, a composer and Scot, who displayed the kind of wild behavior one has learned to expect from that race. Mr. Mark Kenton, an energetic person with a ready smile who, as I understand it, owes me a great deal of money. TRUE! Miss Lisa Hanson of Columbia, a lovely girl and Mr. Garrett Wiggin, a lovely boy. I attempted to converse with Mr. Sydney Pollack, but his charms and wisdom are so generally pleasing, that it proved impossible to get within ten feet of him. The room was full of interesting activity until 11 p.m. when it emptied rather suddenly. The lateness of the hour is due, therefore, not to the dance, but to waiting in a long line for a horseless carriage of unconscionable size. The modern world has clearly done nothing for transport.

P.S. Managed to avoid the hoyden Emily Thompson, who has purloined my creation and added things of her own. Nefarious Creature! Thank you.'”

I love it. And now, I think I will crank the a/c so it has a chill in the air that the outside is supposed to have during an autumnal rainstorm. I believe a toasted sandwich of some sort is in order … perhaps with some soup? Armed with a nice meal, I can tuck into more Austen. I take my leave of you …

See you on the flip side dare I say anon? 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently watching: Sense and Sensibility.

Meal: Minestrone soup with fresh garlic, a turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat with red leaf lettuce, and a handful of potato chips for the crunch.