We nearly weren’t allowed to enter Canada because in our rush to leave the house on Monday, neither of us thought to take our bloody passports … but luckily between my concert tickets, printed out hotel reservations and our winsome smiles, we were allowed entrance with a stern warning about remembering to bring them next time.

Well, okay … as stern as Canadians can be.

They played at the Orpheum Theatre with two opening bands: Cut Copy and TV On The Radio, the latter of which totally blew us away. I was thrilled when GC came back during the intermission with their CD for us to listen to on our cruising through Vancouver … Franz was great but to be pleasantly surprised by an opening band is always a nice treat. They had a lot of energy in their performance and the lead singer reminded me of Peter Gabriel’s voice at times … so if you can find it locally, take a chance and enjoy.

I had no idea the venue was so close to our hotel so we had the hotel limo drop us off and we took the short walk back in the chilly air … it felt nice to be cold for a change after months of sweltering AZ heat. Our hotel is rather nice. It’s the downtown Hampton Inn next to their big stadium, right downtown with this kick-ass view and open air roof area. I’ll have to go up there with my camera and take some shots before we leave.

It’s getting late. GC wants to get something to eat then pass the hell out. With the weather this greyish rainy wonderland, if we’re not careful, we’ll sleep all gorram day.

See you on the flip side, just across the border Northward 😉
– GermanCityGirl

Currently listening: You Could Have It So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand.

Meal: TBD after we leave the hotel.