It’s been a blast so far in L.A. even with the fact that we had to trade in the pretty red two-seater for another convertible … poor, poor us, eh? The a/c up and died on the Thunderbird and it was shifting awkwardly so off we went to the massively large Burbank airport to swap. We probably could have made do but the last thing I wanted was that car to die somewhere in the vasty deserty nothing between L.A. and PHX – that would not be good.

After some amusing events (like I could have kept the Thunderbird for good and there was no way they could have proved I ever rented it), we ended up with a steel grey 2005 Mustang that was more fun to drive than the other car. I am not going to discriminate against the two-seater though, it was fun driving it down and around L.A. but it was due for some tune-ups from previous renters.

What have we been up to? Let’s see, the morning after the BDMP, we got together with some of the Browncoats to have some brunch at a place in Los Feliz called Fred 62. Side note thanking Clay for that suggestion, that place was incredibly cool. It was GermanCity and myself, Clay and his friend, Angie, I think? Lumie, JenMuse and Jen’s sis Heather who was fortunate enough to have fled Houston’s imminent deluge from the floods. But there’s no global warming, right? Yeah, right.

Anyway, check us out and don’t we look stuffed and happy? We’re like cats wanting to sun their full bellies in the afternoon sun. After having a glorious meal al fresco, we all parted ways … Clay back to San Diego, Lumie to take Jen and her sister to the train station so they could make their way back Northward, and us to do what we do best on holiday … SHOP! We found a great little place around the corner called Fortune Tees, and picked up some tees for the little ones in our lives. Carla who runs the place was absolutely darling and sent our tees packaged in their very own takeaway cartons to their respective new owners.

After traffic died down (does it ever really do that in L.A.?), we drove over to see our dear friend Tony and finally meet his son! By the time we arrived, there was some miscommunication with the ex and such so we were not able to meet the Wicker Boy but did get to finally meet his friend staying with him from China, Darren. T gave us a tour of his home up the Hills … wow does he have some beautiful property! After much rooftop conversation, all of us dined and drank at the White Harte in Woodland Hills and all in all, it was a most pleasant evening spent in the company of friends … even if you count me falling ass over head in the hammock. Oh yes. Ass over teakettle. It was embarrassing even though Tony said he has done that a few times himself. It soothed my pride but not my bum.

Tomorrow night is Dead Can Dance at the Bowl and I am literally gleeful to be able to be there while she and Brendan perform live. I read on a site where they will be selling mastered copies of the shows recorded from the sound board … mental note to take advantage of that offer. Peter Gabriel has done the same thing and we have copies of the Houston and Birmingham shows. It’s a neat way to remember the night’s music.

Sleep might be a good idea now. It’s getting late and I don’t want to be falling asleep when the sun is rising. I can deal with noise but that harshly bright stuff, oh no!

See you on the flip side đŸ˜‰
– GermanCityGirl